Dealing With Danny the Dunce

Webster's define dunce as a person who is slow at learning; a stupid person; fool, idiot, stupid person, simpleton, ignoramus, dullard but in the City of Lumberton that definition is personified by the Public Works Director, Danny Davis. For some reason, he think his privilege allows him to do or say anything but that's not going to be the case in this matter. Almost a week ago, I filed a formal complaint against the department head because of his continued infantile behavior and threats to "fix" my water bill. For years, there have been claims that the water meter readings are inaccurate and when the person over that department boasts that he and another department head can assign whatever rate they want, it makes a normal person wonder if the allegations levied against this department are true.

There's some doubt that the message above was actually penned by Danny Davis. I know he's stupid but I doubt he's that stupid. Or is he. After Merlene hurried to provide Davis with a copy of my letter of complaint, Danny Davis started proclaiming that his page was hacked or fake messages were created; all in an effort to discredit the messages he thought I deleted. The letter I submitted was in response to things done/said prior to October so it really doesn't matter to me if the latest message posted to my Lumberton Informer page were from Danny Davis or from a fake account that was created by Danny Davis. What matters are the messages I consistently received prior to October. I know Danny and his supporters are hoping I release the inbox messages he sent me so Danny can get his story together. That's not going to happen. Danny is going to have to give a date when his Facebook page was allegedly hacked and I will then present copies of the inbox messages where he called Tommy Dukes and Cora Rogers stupid, used the N-word and made threats to "fix" my water bill. You can't have it both ways Danny boy. Oh yeah, Danny takes credit for sharing my posts to his page but before he can get his lies straight, he claim his page was hacked. Davis also think he's justified in his behavior because of the posts that featured his incompetence. You might want to talk to your buddy Merlene Wall. You're a public official and subject to invective; I'm not. As I stated in my blog video, part of me hope the board sit on their hands regarding this matter because I would love to use the last 8 months of their term to remind voters of their incompetence. For the record, I don't have any angst against the Public Works Department but there are three employees that will be addressed for violating the City of Lumberton's employee code of conduct; either by the city, law enforcement or by state officials.


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