Election Season: 2016

No that is not Danny Davis, the Lumberton Public Works Director, it's the Republican nominee for President. I'm still waiting to meet with the board regarding the letter of complaint submitted against Danny Davis and I haven't went to city hall to press charges on the Public Works employee that threatened me but I will go as soon as they get a grip on that disgusting, toxic element that's lurking around city hall, making everyone sick. No I'm not referencing Merlene Wall, I'm speaking of the mold; although I can see how you would make that correlation. I'm going to put the complaint on the back burner because there's plenty of time to deal with the local elected officials because their term ends June of 2017.

At this moment, I need to focus on the Presidential and state elections. In two weeks, we will head to the polls to elect the next President of the United States. In case you haven't noticed, there's a trend among Republican candidates to avoid speaking with voters. It seems that Steve Palazzo, Greg Holcomb and John Corely, ALL REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES suffer from Glossophobia, the fear of public speaking or speaking in general but they want your vote. There's a push to get people to vote early because they want you to cast your vote before you see the sponsors of the candidates. If the candidates are not willing to speak to the voters, then who's interests are they representing. I also heard that there's a District 106 candidate that has a mother working in the home health field and she's allegedly encouraging her clients to vote for her son. Interesting. Gotta love good old southern politics! I will dig a little deeper and see what smut I find in the ballot box. Once the election is over, I will focus on the non-professionals working for the City of Lumberton but for now I need to shine the light of accountability on those seeking state positions. I contacted each candidate in the District 106 race and the only candidates to respond were Ben Winston and Daniel Wise. I will post my conversation with these two candidates later this week.


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