American Horror Story: Mississsippi Politics 2016

Eight days from now, we will head to the polls to cast our votes. A lot of focus has been placed on the Presidential Election but there's some state and local elections that are just as important. Noticeably, the local media has failed to focus on the fact that several area candidates have refused to debate or address the general public about their platforms. Although the candidates for District 106 are running as Independents, at least three candidates: Greg Holcomb, John Corely and Larry Davis, are focused on addressing citizens at Republican sponsored events. It's interesting that they attended the Republican event at Jack's Fish House but used every excuse in the book to avoid the debate on the campus of PRCC. It's clear they're interested in representing one demographic and that's probably why they're not interested in speaking to "other" voters because once they let their klan of supporters know they're really rank and file Repugnatians I mean Republicans, then they don't have to do anything else but sit back and watch their sheep line up for the slaughter.

Just when you thought Mississippi politics couldn't get any crazier, Steven Palazzo, U.S. Representative for Mississsippi's 4th Congressional District, decided to opt out of a debate held at USM because he wanted to attend his son's football game. Really Steve. That's your excuse. Palazzo was supposed to debate challengers, Mark Gladney and Ric McCluskey but decided to dodge his completion and the voters. Interestingly, the debate was held at USM because all of the candidates are alumni of USM. After Palazzo was accused skipping the debate because he did not want to address his voting record, he replied

"But I don't work for them. I don't work for my opponents, I work for South Mississippi."
Maybe someone should remind Palazzo that his opponents are residents of South Mississippi and they have an issue with the decisions he made as their representative and that's why they're running against him. Palazzo owes every resident of District 4 an explanation of his vote on every issue while serving as our representative but again, to the rank and file Republicans, they really don't care because it's obvious that the candidates they're supporting don't care.

With so much attention on the National Election, candidates in Mississippi are failing to meet the residents they want to represent and everyone seems to be fine with their decision. Mississippi is last in almost every area of importance and it's because we continue to allow so-called conservative values and not common sense to serve as the litmus test for voting. Until Mississippians stop holding on to symbols and key phrases, we will continue to be last. It is my prediction that despite their failure to address the residents they claim they want to represent, Palazzo will win another term and either Holcomb or Corely will be in the run-off to become the next representative of District 106. Welcome to Mississippi politics; it's scarier than any Halloween trick and we don't get the option of getting treats.


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