And The Owner Is. . .Update

At 1:00 p.m., News 7 came to meet with Mayor Holder and members of the Planning and Zoning Committee. The team at News 7 stated that they have been receiving a lot of phone calls about the vast number of trailers that are being stored in Lumberton, and they wanted to know what the City of Lumberton was doing to rectify this situation. Well, today, I found out that there was a request for a water connection on the land that is next to Church of the Way. In a previous posting, I stated that the water request was made by Benjamin Winston, but I stand corrected, the request was submitted by Benjamin Winston on behalf of Winston Enterprise. I searched the Mississippi Secreatry of State's website and it listed Winston Enterprises as being owned by Stara A. Winston, 1423 Woody Drive, Jackson MS, 39212. Also, there were questions about who actually owned the property where the trailers are being stored. After the meeting with WDAM, I went to the Lamar County Courthouse to get information about who owns the property adjacent to Church of the Way, and the records stated that the property was owned by Express Unlimited. When I conducted a record search for Express Unlimited on the Mississippi Secretary of State's website, it stated that Express Unlimited was owned by Paul Ockmond, who is listed as President, and Benjamin Winston, who is listed as an Incorporator. But it was revealed at the meeting with WDAM that the land is being leased by Aaron Lott, former mayor of Lumberton, and that the acutal trailers belong to another business associate. This trailer fiasco is becoming more and more difficult to untangle. As of today, no one has conducted any member of the Lumberton Planning and Zoning Committee to get permission to store these trailers within city limits, and no one has applied for a variance regarding the storage of these trailers. The bottom line is that there is a group of individuals that are setting up a business in this city without going through the proper channels. They are trying to get electical services, water connections, and they are planning on selling those trailer without obtaining a privilege license or without going through the planning and zoning committee. I doubt that any other mayor of this city would have been disrespected in the manner these Christian, businessmen are disprespecting Mayor Miriam Holder. The matter has been submitted to the board for a decision, and hopefully this matter would be resolved at the next board meeting. I will keep you posted on the progress of this tangled web of deception.


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