A Tough Bird To Swallow

I love blogging, but one of the drawbacks of blogging is the fact that people have full access to what I am thinking. I started blogging because I was being credited for writing things on Lumberton Topix that were not written by me, so I created a blog to express my views and opinions.
Those of you that follow this blog know that I had made some disparaging remarks about Mayor Miriam Holder. I made those remarks out of a place of ignorance. I took the word of a liar and I let my battle get personal; which resulted in unfounded innuendo and allegations. For months, I avoided the mayor because I knew that I was dupped, and I had went too far with my allegations. So, in order to remain angry with the mayor, I refused to speak to her, answer her phone calls, or respond to her e-mails. But yesterday, this all came to an end. The mayor approached me in the board room, and explained to me everything that took place. In my heart, I already knew the truth, but I didn't want to admit my willingness to believe a lie. As the Mayor of the City of Lumberton, Miriam Holder deserves our support and repsect. I must admit that I was not supportive, and definately not respectful of her position as Superintending Power of this city. So, since I am bold enough to allow the public access to my writings, thoughts, and opinions, then I should embrace that same bold spirit and let Mayor Miriam Holder know that I apologize for my actions and my behavior.


  1. It takes a lot of COURAGE to admit when you are wrong.Good job J.Maybe some members of the BOARD will follow suite.

  2. I'm very impressed young man! And I put emphasis on Man, because it takes one to first recognize a wrong within yourself, and second to admit that wrong and to state it as loud as you stated the initial offense. God Bless you in all your doing and keep that same spirit of fairness.


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