And The Owner Is. . . .

Lamar County's District 2 Supervisor, Benjamin Winston. I was headed to the Lamar County Court House to get information about the ownership of the land that is housing all of those trailers, and I was informed by Pastor Curtis Merritt that the person that owned the land, has applied for a water/sewage connection. So, I saved myself a trip to Purvis and went to City Hall and found out that the person that paid for the water/sewage hook up was none other than Ben Winston. This doesn't prove that he is the owner, but who other than the owner would pay for a water/sewage connection on a lot of land. Also, this explains the highly secretive nature of Paul "The Opportunitst" Ockmond. I attend a LEDC meeting on Friday, and Paul Ockmond was giving this diatribe about how he loved this city, and how he wanted to see this city grow, and so on and so on. He talked about the lack of direction of the board members, and he talked about the dilapidated buildings, neglected properties, abandonded businesses, but he never uttered a word about the placement of the moldy trailers that are nestled at the two main entrances to this city. I agree with Paul Ockmond when he said that people are afraid of change. The old insiders of Lumberton will challenge our every step to bring cohesion to this city, but I know we are up to that challenge. We are up to the challenge because good leadership, by itself, is not enough. We also need good citizenship.
Good citizenship is when you decide what the future of Lumberton looks like. When you challenge yourself and your own assumptions about how to get there. And when you do your part to make certain our leaders exhibit the kind of leadership that will get us there together.
My next post will ponder the question: What the Hale is wrong with Rebecca?


  1. Way to go J. Good job on researching!
    keep up the good work and keep on proving yourself.

  2. Good Job John. Maybe now the mayor will give you that job she promised!


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