The Holder Administration

How will we view the Holder Administration as we guage the performance of our Mayor? This administration has been plagued with issues that has forced so many to walk away from politics; some willingly, others forceably. I just hope we can put an end to the poliitical grand-standing. There have been so many rumors circulating about the chaos taking place at city hall. People have access to active gas cards that shouldn't have access to gas cards. Former elected officials have gas card accounts, but there is no record of granting such accounts in any of the minutes. There was an issue with misappropriation of funds. I do not know why the members of the board are not willing to work together to address the front office, but something needs to be done. Also, it is alleged that certain members of the community are not paying for their water services. If this is true, could I get on the list for the hook-up?
In the state of Mississsippi, employment is at-will, meaning that the employer can fire and employee without good cause. But the allegations that are circulating seems to be a good cause for either termination of employment or having the individuals involved arrested for embezzlement.


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