Meet Martin Hankins, Lamar County Circuit Clerk Candidate

This past weekend, I met this engaging young couple that were out campaigning for Martin Hankins. They were going foor to door and I happened to be home. We talked for a few minutes and they knew a lot about the candidate they were supporting. I know it's impossible for the candidates to personally greet every voter in the County but if you have people working the campaign trail, you may want to take a cue from Hankins and make sure your volunteers are friendly and knowledgeable; they represented him well. In case you didn't know, Martin Hankins is looking to become the next Lamar County Circuit Clerk. Hankins is currently serving as Alderman at Large for the City of Purvis, Mississippi. Hankins primary goal is to
"Insure the integrity of the voter registration and election process of Lamar County are upheld."
To hear more about why Martin Hankins is seeking the position of Lamar County Circuit Clerk, visit his Facebook page, Martin Hankins for Lamar County Circuit Clerk, to listen to his video and the speech he gave at the SuperTalk 97.3 Political Rally. You can also find him on Twitter @MartinHankins and his website is The Republican primaries are Tuesday, August 4, 2015. Don't forget to vote. Every vote counts!


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