Motivational Monday

You may not know it but demanding truth, honesty and transparency in govermnent can be exhausting; especially when you're attacked for speaking the truth. On day, while on Instagram, I saw a post with tne following quote:
"Don't waste time trying to prove your purpose to those who can't appreciate it, but spend time with those who need it to find theirs."
I looked at the quote for an extended period of time because it gave me life (hope). I found the post through a search on Instagram and I immediately started following @THEOSCHAFFER before I realized that he was a motivational speaker, author and life coach. But the best part is he's from Lumberton. I continued to read quotes from his page and Theo Schaffer went on to say:
"One thing I've learned is that when you're called to do something truly unique you will be scrutinized because of others inability to comprehend or equate to it. Instead of succumbing to the temptation to prove to people your purpose, use that energy and motivation to serve others. You ARE needed! Despite how others may feel! You don't have to prove anything other than the One who gave you purpose."
If you're looking for inspiration, motivation, a life coach or a guest speaker at your next event, consider Theo Schaffer.

Theo Schaffer gave me the inspiration needed to continue but his brothers are equally gifted. His brother Micah Schaffer is a talented Christian artist. If you would like to book him for events you can via email. For bookings contact Micah Schaffer: Micah can also be found on Instagram @mr_schaffer and on Facebook. The oldest brother, Ladric Kelly is a music mogul with his own production company and artists, On Live Entertainment. Kelly is making waves in the music industry as he continues to build his brand. One of my favorite artists on his label is JHarden. If you're interested in contacting Ladric Kelly, find him on Instagram @lkelz601 for booking information. These three brothers are doing great things and they make #LumbertonProud.


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