Fourth of July Weekend

This weekend, people all across the country will be celebrating Independence Day. The event is generally celebrated with fireworks, cookouts and going to the beach. If you're out and out this weekend please be safe and mindful of others. If you're looking for a good watermelon this weekend, you may want to check out Chad Owen. He has the best watermelons in the region. There's a couple of snowball stands in Lumberton. I just recently learned about the one in Love's Addition (Love Quarters). It's called Tiskdenu Snowballs and they have the best snowballs ever. The young girl that fixed my snowball was so kind and friendly and that sugary concoction was delicious. I think I found my summer obsession and it's snowballs. If you want a cool treat on a hot Summer day you should stop by Tiskdenu Snowball Stand. Another part of the fourth of July celebration is fireworks. If you're looking for more bang for your buck, visit Pinebelt Fireworks (the blue building next to Lumberton Farm and Garden). If you tell them you read the Lumberton Informer you will receive a discount which give your more money for more fireworks.

Earlier this week, Paul Entrekin noticed the letters were missing on the sign at Wood-Hinton Park. After posting what he observed, Heather Spinner responded, saying she had picked up the letters. What happened next is one of the great things about Lumberton; a willingness to help. Paul Entrekin, Shane Dickinson and Chad Owen offered to re-install the letters and Whitney Cameron offered to paint the sign and/or letters. I think they're still trying to coordinate times to complete the work but kudos to everyone that offered to assist in getting the sign restored. Please keep our police officers in your prayers as they leave their homes to help keep you protected. Anyone having a cookout? Maybe you can invite an officer over for a bite to eat. I think there will be a firework show at the Little Black Creek Waterpark. Please be safe and enjoy your weekend.


  1. Where are our water bills? Why is Merlene allowed to continuously send our bills out late with no repercussions? If she would stop monitoring and printing daily copies of your blog she might have time to actually do some work. Since I know you're reading this Merlene get your miserable, menopausal ass off this blog and learn how to do your job.


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