Serving the Community: Lumberton Masonic Lodge 696

Over the weekend, there was an induction ceremony (not sure if that's the proper name) for the Lumberton Masonic Lodge 696 at the Lumberton Family Life Center. Normally, I would have attended the event but I was out of town for the Parker Family Reunion. Thanks to technology, I was able to get some information about the ceremony. Based on the comments, it seems that this group was newly reorganized and several new members were inducted. Unfortunately, I don't know all their names. As a part of the ceremony, the members of the Lumberton Masonic Lodge 696 gave a $500 donation to Mrs. Vivian Lundy to help with the daily expenses of The Kingdom Kids Foundation. In Lumberton, political issues and a crumbling infrastructure are usually the main topics of discussion but there are some caring people doing wonderful things in Lumberton; we just have to look a little harder to find them. Kudos to tne Lumberton Masonic Lodge 696!


  1. Brother Martin Mixon, WM Lodge 696 has worked tirelessly to reorganize the lodge. He deserves much respect and admiration for his dedication to the craft.
    Gratitude My Brother
    GS, WM Lodge 115

  2. How is this a Lumberton lodge without any members from Lumberton? Who's running this group? They gave Vivian Lundy a donation. I thought she was paid to keep those kids? So now it's a non profit group she's profiting from. I don't understand. I also see they made a donation today in Poplarville. I guess you're getting overlooked again Mr. Informer. Why do you keep giving of your time and you never get any support. It's time for you to realize that these people don't want to be informed they want to be entertained.


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