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The blog and the blogger so many love to hate will be hitting the radio circuit. For quite some time, the Lumberton Informer was called "the blog no one reads" but that was something said mostly by elected officials and department heads. Since I have access to the metrics, I knew that wasn't true. The fact that printouts of my blog posts are routinely discussed during executive session, a violation of the Mississippi Open Meetings Act, also prove that statement is false. The mere fact that a department head, who was probably lurking, liked a post by the Lumberton Informer on Facebook also disproves the notion that no one reads the blog. The fact that I'm being sued because of the opinions I share with my readers is more evidence that the blog is being read and some are actually bothered. The other week, when I posted photos of a loaner car from the Lamar County Sheriff's Department, Mayor Ben Winston was allegedly upset that I posted the photos. In Winston's defense, I seriously doubt he stumbled across the photos that were posted on the Lumberton Informer Facebook page. I have doubts that he read the agenda before the board meeting, which explains the litany of mispronounced words, so I don't think he has the wherewithal to navigate through my Facebook page; more than likely he was called by one of his spies that's on my blog more than me. Maybe I should do some BBI tutorials since so much time is spent monitoring this blog. Guess what, I'll make it fun and feature Richard Rose in the videos.

According to the elected officials of Lumberton, the Lumberton Informer is the source of Lumberton's problems. Keep in mind, the Lumberton Informer does not have a vote on any agenda item and didn't approve any expenditure. What the Lumberton Informer has done and will continue to do is fight for transparency. Too many hidden agendas in Lumberton and the problem they have with the Lumberton Informer is my quest to expose them. Citizens have a right to know how their tax dollars are being spent. Citizens have a right to know when elected officials are violating ethics and laws. Citizens have a right to know why the police department is on life support while other departments are given a blank check. Those are the issues they don't want addressed and I'm not afraid to ask questions, demand accountability, review minutes (when permitted) and give my opinion. If the wife of an alderman can go through a stack of papers and post copies of receipts without writing a letter stating why I want said copy and waiting for said copy, then the rest of the public shouldn't be required to jump through hoops for the same information.

Less than a week ago, the LEDC hosted a political rally in Wood-Hinton Park; offering the citizens of Lumberton an opportunity to meet the candidates. During the rally, most candidates used this opportunity to tell citizens their accomplishments and plans. Since Mayor Winston didn't accomplish much in his 10 years as an elected official, he allegedly used his time at the microphone to talk about his favorite subject, the Lumberton Informer. Based on the calls I received, Winston encouraged the crowd to not believe what's said in the Lumberton Informer. Really Ben!?! Why didn't you give that same speech you gave when you were running for mayor. You remember the one about you having supernatural powers and there's shovel ready job waiting for you to get elected. Oh, maybe that wasn't a good speech to repeat since your supernatural powers didn't let you know what's in the budget and I guess the shovel ready jobs are still waiting on a shovel and a job. At first, I wondered why Ben wanted to use me as part of his campaign speech. Then I realized it was an attempt to distract attention from the fact that he never brought in the new jobs he promised, the crime rate (including drive by shootings) has increased because he drastically cut the police department and the City of Lumberton has over a million dollars in uncollected fines because Winston and his puppets don't want a full time court clerk but the same crew felt safety was a major issue at city hall, you know the place where the men and women armed with guns work, and approved almost $2,000 for security cameras and installation. Keep in mind, the City of Lumberton had to borrow a police car with no radar or back seat because Winston wouldn't approve a $1,200 (give or take) repair bill.

Part of me agree with Winston's plea to encourage voters NOT to believe the things I say on the blog. As a matter of fact, you don't have to believe anything I say on the blog; take their word. Go to the Lumberton Informer Facebook page and there's a list of videos I post from every meeting. What I blog about is takem directly from those videos. You don't have to believe a word I say, just listen for yourself and compare it to what's in the blog. I guarantee you that the jackassery will have you asking to see mental health exams for all future candidates. Another tactic they like to use to belittle the blog is the comments. I'm not responsible for the comments and that's detailed in the disclaimer but they will use anything to try and take the attention away from them. The proof is in the videos.

I guess I should thank Ben Winston for spreading the good news of the Lumberton Informer. In less than a week after the political rally, I received two invitations to sit in on morning radio shows to discuss politics. I will give you the stations and times once the dates are confirmed. I'm used to my blog getting printed, I guess they'll have their recorders out for the radio interviews. Just the other day, I received my third invitation to attend an election night watch party. Also a first. So Ben, you might not have gotten any support but your attempt to turn people away from my blog has actually brought more people to my blog. I'm sure, in your limited thinking, the blog is only accessed in Lumberton but it's called the world wide web for a reason. Please know, I'm not going to focus on Ben and his inability to lead. I will discuss the need to keep Warren Byrd in office and there's at least two department heads in Lumberton that are really concerned and care about Lumberton. I know I give Danny Davis a hard time but I truly believe he cares about Lumberton's water system. I don't know why the board is holding up the lagoon project but Danny will make sure the work is done if the grant money is ever released. And Chief Elsie Cowart is doing wonders in the police department despite the Pharoah, oops, I mean Mayor, telling her to make bricks without straw. I will resume featuring candidates next week. I haven't received a lot of feedback on the Meet the Candidates posts. Some say they were boring and some say the posts are not intersting or controversial enough. It is my hope that readers are not logging onto the Lumberton Informer for entertainment purposes; although my commentary can be entertaining. My main purpose is to inform citizens of events going on in Lumberton but it becomes entertaining when elected officials and personnel get involve and try to hide the truth. I hope you take the time to investigate the candidates featured because elections have consequences; look at Lumberton. Have a safe weekend and govern yourselves accordingly.


  1. This may be a zannie notion but the blog is not the problem. If the people at city hall didn't give him so much material to use he wouldn't have anything to write about. Why are the public records private? What are you hiding? Guess what? If you can't go to the store without being talked about, it's not the blog's fault. If your child is a crackhead it's not the blog's fault. If you have to go out of town to sell your dirty barbeque it's not the blog's fault? If you can't win another election you may want to blame the blog but it's your fault. This blog is powerful and if you worked with the blog instead of against it we might see some progress in Lumberton.

  2. I dislike Merlene and it's not because if your blog. She has a very nasty attitude and I let her know everytime I see her. The blog just confirms that others see her nasty attitude.

  3. Here's something to investigate: why didn't Ben have any of his children at the campaign rally? I didn't see any of the ones from his marriage or any of his bastard children. You also need to check into the Section 8 voucher his daughter Stephanie got to pay the rent in her grandparents old house. How is she on Section 8 in a house her sad owns while living with her working husband? I guess we know why Ben didn't put her out after she left his church but he left too. Just some questions that need to be answered.


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