Our Deepest Condolences

While the loss of a loved one is never easy, even when anticipated, it is most certainly one of the hardest burdens to bear when they are taken from us too soon. Jayla was a beloved daughter, grand daughter, sister, niece, cousin and friend. She represented a beacon of hope for a better future and now that light has dimmed. The death of a child is so painful because there are so many reminders of what might have been. As other parents prepare to send their children to school, you are starting the arduous process of bidding an earthly farewell to a child you birthed and I cannot begin to imagine the heartach you're experiencing. It is said that weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning. It may not be this morning but someday, I hope the love that was spread by Jayla's mere presence will carry you through those difficult moments.

We, the Community of Lumberton, offer our sincere condolences and deepest sympathy on your loss. May the outpouring of sympathy, the kind acts of friends and strangers and the comfort in knowing that your loss is felt by many, help you through this difficult time.

I ask for God's blessings on you and your wonderful family. May you find the courage and strength to move forward in peace and confidence and in knowing that Jayla was well loved.


  1. I know this is not the time for politics but this is the type of statement the Mayor should be issuing. Thank you for representing our city well and without a title. Let us know what we can do for the family.

  2. This is well said.and should be shared by many

  3. Thank you J for posting this. Prayers to the family.

  4. We can rely on the Informer to put it all in perspective. Please continue to pray for this family.

  5. My heartfelt condolences to this family. As a mother who lost her 8 yr old son, my heart aches for what I know they are suffering and will continue to suffer for a lifetime. In due time, they will be able again to find peace and joy in their memories of this beautiful young girl. They will each find their personal way to deal with their grief. . But, the pain never leaves completely. It takes a lot of prayer ,trust, and faith in God.


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