More Jackassery: Water Department Issues

While I was on air this morning, I missed several texts but one caught my attention. After stopping at a produce stand to get some green tomatoes and raw honey, I called to see what was going on. It seems there's more allegations about inconsistencies in the water department. It seems that a young lady was in the process of selling her home. She moved in March and allegedly called city hall to have her water services disconnected. Well, four months later, the person buying the home went to the house and discovered a flooded house and mold everywhere. The homeowner was notified by the buyer that the house was flooded and the water was still on. The homeowner went to city hall to find out why the water services were never disconnected and she was allegedly informed that a form needed to be filled out in order to disconnect water services. I told her that was my first time hearing that. Based on my experience, I've been at city hall when a customer would call to have their water disconnected. Stephanie Mullings, former city clerk, would get a walkie-talkie and call Roy and tell him to cut off the water at the address provided by the customer. I guess somewhere somehow that process has changed. But that's not the real problem. If customers are required to fill out a form they should be given than information when they call. The bigger problem here is the fact that a homeowner moved in March, called to have her water services discontinued but four months later the water is still on and the house is flooded and full of mold. Maybe it's just my inquisitive nature but I thought the water bills clearly state that accounts not paid by the 25th will be disconnected.

So, would someone explain to me how a vacant house managed to maintain water services after Apri 25th, May 25th, June 25th and July 25th? Who dropped the ball? I'm almost positive that Danny Davis would have turned off the water if he was informed just like I'm sure he would have returned my calls if he was ever given my messages. The fact that the water was still on months after the owner moved out raises more questions. I don't think the homeowner was paying a monthly bill on an account she had disconnected. So, was the meter being checked? Was a water bill sent out every month? And why wasn't the water disconnected after several months of no payments? I wonder what fable will be created to explain another egregious error. I'm also wondering who's going to be responsible for the damage to the home?


  1. What's with all the paperwork? See this is the problem with having no one in place that knows protocol. Lumberton want paperwork for everything while everyone else is going paperless. What are they trying to cover up? Don't rbey use enough paper printing out everyone a copy of your blog?

  2. When I moved I was told I needed to fill out a form but I moved on the weekend and forgot to fill our the form. The following week I called and Merlene took my info over the phone and the next month I received my refund. It seems like Mwrlenw dropped the ball and bows she's going to weave a web of lies to cover her wrinkled, flabby bottom. Just tell the truth and make it right but I guess doing the right thing isn't a part of her job description. I hope whoever it is won't get charged with stalking in an attempt to discredit their story.

  3. Why is it so hard for Ben and Merlene to admit they're wrong?

  4. Cora will follow Ben to hell if she thought that would make her mayor. She keep making these dumb choices she might end up in hell and jail. She think she's so smart but she should know if Ben miraculously win there would be another election for mayor shortly afterwards. Since he's not going to win we don't have to worry about that because they all will be voted out in two years or locked up.

    1. You're wrong! Ben said them good white folks are going to put him in office just like they got him in as mayor.

  5. The water billing issues and errors are targeting one community. It's a modern day version of redlining. Merlene and that gal Kennan are some dirty whores. They have all this paperwork to make it look like they're doing something and to yield control over the citizens. I haven't received a bill for months but I'm on the right side of the tracks.


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