Help Re-Elect Warren Byrd, Lamar County Supervisor, District 2

I can't recall the last time I voted in a Republican primary but it's so important that we retain Warren Byrd as Lamar County Supervisor of District 2. On Tuesday, August 4, 2015, I ask you to join me in voting for Warren Byrd. It would be hard to find someone whose election had a bigger positive impact on local government than did Warren Byrd's selection by voters to be Lamar County's District 2 Supervisor four years ago. When Warren Byrd took office, he had to start from scratch because his predecessor, Ben Winston, neglected most of the district he was supposed to represent; namely the City of Lumberton. Warren Byrd has managed to adequately represent the entire district and that's why he deserves another four years. Warren Byrd can be counted on to keep pushing to make county government more efficient, transparent and citizen-friendly.

When the residents of District 2 elected Warren Byrd four years ago it served as proof that we were no longer chained to the past and that we were ready to move forward. Keeping Warren Byrd as County Supervisor for another four years promises stable, dutiful, accountable leadership for District 2. Byrd breeds confidence in the people he serves and also among his leadership peers. There's no other candidate that can garner the respect and support Byrd has established during his first term in office. I believe that Warren Byrd's extensive experience as a successful business owner, cattle rancher and family man has uniquely prepared him to effectively serve all residents of District 2.

Warren Byrd has the rare combination of vision and common sense that we need in these challenging times. I ask that you consider Warren Byrd when you go to the polls on Tuesday, August 4, 2015. Warren Byrd is the best choice for District 2 Supervisor because of his current readiness for the job, his ability to read the tea leaves and his proven budgetarty skills. Byrd understands the future needs of the county and has planned to address those needs efficiently and effectively. Warren Byrd deserves another term because of his thoughtful consideration of issues, dedication to the county and region and a continued willingness to expand his knowledge base to better serve ALL county residents. Warren Byrd is the BEST choice for Lamar County District 2 Supervisor.


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