Meet E.L. "Scooter" Coker, Candidate for Lamar County Constable, District 3

When I attened the political ralley at Wood-Hinton Park in Lumberton, I believe the only candidate for Lamar County Constable, District 3 present was E. L. "Scooter" Coker. Coker was very down to earth and knowledgeable about the post of Constable. Coker has served in the field of law enforcement for an impressive 23 years. I was surprised to discover that Coker's desire to serve others and his community began when he bevame a volunteer fireman. Coker's main goals, once elected, are to provide peace of mind, implement the laws of the State of Mississippi by increasing patrol, serving civil and civilian process, excuting warrants, evictions and replevins professionally and effectively. Coker promise to honor the position of Lamar County Constable, District 3 and use his position to help clean up Lamar County through whatever opportunities he's given. Coker said
"As Constable I know I would be more productive in my individual capacity to aid law enforcement in their patrol and to assist with the calls and needs of the citizens. I want to do more for my County. My role as Constable will be to protect, serve and provide peace."
For more campaign details, visit Coker's Facebook page: Elect E.L. "Scooter" Coker for Lamar County Constable, District 3.


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