The Black KKK: Lumberton Edition

DISCLAIMER: Every day we're reminded that we live in a litigious society. Unfortunately, telling the truth is now deemed offensive and could result in you getting sued. As a result, I feel it's necessary to include a disclaimer before writing this post. The meme attached to this post is for satirical purposes. I am almost certain that those offended by the meme will be the same people that are not familiar with the term satirical. The word satirical is a derivative of the word satire. Satire is defined as the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people's stupidity or voices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues. The meme used in this post does not imply that any elected official in the City of Lumberton is a member of the Ku Klux Klan. Any inferences made by the readers of this blog is based on their personal knowledge and experiences with the elected officials.

Now that I've gotten that out the way let me start on today's post. I know some of my readers got the impression that I was shutting down the blog and I was seriously considering that option. After spending a day creating memes and reflecting on some things, I realized that I've come to far to turn back now. Blogging can be frustrating but as an avid user of social media, I know first hand that people may not be liking but they're looking. I struggled with this decision but I couldn't let those that want to shut me down think they won; that they broke me. Right now I'm grinning on the inside because I can visualize them grimacing while reading this post.

While I was reflecting on the direction of this blog, I realized that most of my anger was misdirected. Lumberton does not have enough industry to justify three clerks in one office. It doesn't matter that Melissa was fired and rehired. What matters is the board continues to make these uninformed decisions without any logical explanation. As I said in a previous post, I collectively blame the entire board but I personally blame Ben Winston, Cora Rogers and Tommy Dukes. Winston, C.Rogers and Dukes are the new face of black on black crime. There's rumors of gangs sprouting up in and around Lumberton but Ben, Cora and Tommy are contributing to the destruction of the City of Lumberton with political power. Every month they encourage and/or cast votes that hinders potential growth and progress.

Since many in the black community are always talking about keeping it 100, I'm going to get real for a moment. When I'm at tne board meetings, watching misguided votes taking place over and over again without any knowledge of what's in the budget or a veto from the mayor. Whenever Ben Winston say the magic phrase, "we only need three votes", Dukes and C. Rogers throw their hands up in the air and wave them like they just don't care. These three have created more damage within our community than any white racist wearing a sheet and they're not doing it by burning a cross; this destruction is accomplished one vote at a time. Essentially, they're the Black KKK. They're enforcing the same crippling standards as the original organization. Winston, C.Rogers and Dukes want to keep the communities they represent unemployed, voiceless, outside the mainstream and in their place. These three are living proof that votes are deadlier than bullets. Putting them office without holding them accountable for their votes have far reaching consequences and our community suffers the , oxt casualties. Fatalism and despondency rolls off their tongues while their voting pattern creates a poisonous trail of lies, destruction and defeat that's more destructive than crack cocaine.

When Dukes and C. Rogers vote at Ben's direction, their actions are tantamount to a drive-by shooting. The shots are fired but they don't bother to look and see who was affected by the cowardly action. Let me give you some examples. Well, we all know about the year long plea to get Betty Speights more hours but Cora Rogers and Tommy Dukes never stand up to fight for an employee that has been continously disenfranchised by Mayor Winston and this board. However, Dukes didn't hesitate to rehire a clerk that was terminated. Somehow, they managed to find some funding for another clerk and more police officers but the person responsible for collecting fines is relegated to part time work despite having the most seniority. Another instance is when Stanley Calloway was laid off after working for 18 years with the City of Lumberton due to budget constraints but they kept an employee that was hired as a seasonal grass cutter. They say they're looking out for what's best for the city but the person that was being groomed to take over the Public Works Department has failed the certification test more than once. Truth be told, a knowledgeable clerk can run that office alone or with a clerk that work 20 hours/week. There's not enough industry in Lumberton to justify three clerks in one office. Another issue I noticed is the fact that 2 of the 3 department heads can ask for anything and their requests are granted. You need a security camera. Passed. You need additional training. Passed. You need a $5,000 mower. Passed. You need to go to this nonessential conference. Passed. There's money for everything unless it's requested by Chief Cowart and Winston is there to steer the vote while Cora and Tommy are ready to fall in line.

When the traditional, white KKK attempted to destroy our communities, at least we had enough sense to be outraged but we allow Ben, Cora and Tommy to co-sign this same type of destruction without sayimg a word. In tne world of social media, we want to hashtag our way to equality. Almost everyday there's a new story about injustice here and injustice there. What about the injustices taking place every month in Lumberton? But we don't want to deal with ourselves. Calling another brotha or sista out makes you a sell out in the black community. We take great pride in diagnosing the hatred in others while our self-hatred is on full display each month and recorded in the minutes. There's no question in my mind that politics play a major role in the demise of our city. On August 4, 2015 there were 318 votes cast in the primariey election and there's over 1,600 registered voters in Lumberton. Unfortunately, describing that grim reality over and over again does nothing to bring about change. Nothing will change until we decide to change it ourselves. We all know the problems and challenges that face Lumberton. Now the question is, "What are we going to do about it?"


  1. I love the analogy. I think Ben, Cora, and Tommy are more like modern day crack dealers. I'm glad you're back and that you see the root of our problems.

  2. Why did you post this? They thought they had broke you down and then you turn around and ruin their weekend. You a badddddd man! Got Em!!!!

  3. Betty should have been brought back. She was full time collecting money for the city. We need industry here. Many young people would love a job and that would help keep them out of trouble. Lumberton got what it deserved because people didn't get out and vote for change. Until we vote for change, there won't be change. Keep up the great work.


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