If You Think Pennies You Get Pennies

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After making a trip to Hattiesburg to get fresh produce for a salad, I thought about the mayor and board's logic regarding Lumberton's economy. Keep in mind, the mayor and most of the board members are business owners. When they tried to justify the low rental rate given to Gold Coast Skydivers to rent the entire airport, they said if they buy gas or eat a burger in Lumberton it's better than nothing. So they think they can run a city with revenue from a hamburger here and there and a tank of gas. Wowzers!

Based on that logic, here's what Lumberton gained from my recent trip to Hattiesburg. I went to Sam's for bell peppers, spinach, kale, onions and fresh mushrooms. While there I purchased meat, cleaning supplies and other household products. Before leaving Hattiesburg, I ate at one of the resturants. While I was in Purvis, I filled a prescription. Before reaching Lumberton, I stopped at Campbell's and purchased some fries, biscuits and more baby spinach. I finally arrived in Lumberton and remembered I needed a notebook so I went to the dollar store and spent a grand total of .89. Based on the reason provided by the board to justify the low rent for Gold Coast Skydivers, that $1.00 I spent in Lumberton was better than nothing. The problem is, the minimal investment in Lumberton plus a refusal to increase the millege rate is not enough to sustain the essential services needed.

For some reason, the board think giving control of the airport to one entity is beneficial to the City of Lumberton. When LeAnne Igo was questioned by Alderman Quincy Rogers, she quickly tried to play the victim but she's making over $500,000/year. Keep in mind Lumberton is getting a grand total of $4,200/year in rent. It was said that the rent was based on fair market price. Who did that analysis? When I was a property manager, the fair market price for a 2 bedroom apartment, without a washer/dryer hookup, was $575/month. It was said that the skydiver group bring 50-60 people into Lumberton every weekend but resturants are not being sustained by this influx of weekend traffic. When Igo was asked if they considered staying at the hotel in Hillsdale, she almost knocked over her Coach bag and dropped her Tom Ford sunglasses. She snobbily replied, "Have you seen those rooms?" This is how the economy works stupid. I'm referring to the board not Igo because she getting over like a fat dog.

Let's see. If 50-60 people stayed at Hillsdale, they would have enough money for renovations. If 50-60 people ate at the local restaurants every weekend, they would probably have menu items/specials geared towards that group. When LeAnne balked at the thought of patronizing another business, you could tell by her hair that she wasn't aware that there's a hair salon in town called Tangled. By the look of her skin, it's obvious she's not buying moisturizer and/or sunscreen locally. So please tell me what she's bringing to Lumbeton because it's clear what she's taking away from Lumberton. From what I was told, before Gold Coast Skydivers left the Gulf Coast, they were allegedly paying $4,000/month to rent the airport there. But Lumberton beat that deal and has allowed them to keep at least 10 trailers on the property. Win-Win for them but at least Lumberton can hope they buy some fries with that occasional burger. Hopefully, the next group to take office will have more sense than to think a city can be sustained from pennies on a dollar.


  1. All Lumberton is getting is that $350 a month because they have someone selling food at the airport.

  2. Selling food at the Airport will make up the difference in rent? So funny and who is selling food for the City of Lumberton at the Airport? Bad business deal for the City of Lumberton once again .
    Next they will own the Airport and paid little for it.

  3. Before Ben leave Office all the City property will be sold to the lowest bid.


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