ICYMI: Black Lives Matter???

I posted a video earlier today and as I promised, they're not up long. In case you missed it, this is what was said. I explained why I entitled Friday's post The Black KKK. Someone had posted a comment, asking the question, do black lives matter? All over social media, there's the hashtag trending about #BlackLivesMatter. As I thought about tne question, I wondered if black lives mattered to black people. When I called Ben Winston, Tommy Dukes and Cora Rogers the Black KKK, it was because their actions, or inaction, had me feeling like they were no different from the parent organization who's goal was/is to keep our communities uninformed, unemployed, without representation, out of the loop and sometimes six feet under. Winston, C.Rogers and Dukes accomplish these feats every month as elected officials of Lumberton. I see their disregard of certain segments of the city and I wonder why others are not outraged. If this board was comprised of a white mayor, three white alderpersons and two black aldermen, the black community would be outraged by the measures that get passed. But the board is comprised of a black mayor, three black alderpersons and two white aldermen and we dont bat an eye that we have a mayor and two of the three black alderpersons are constantly supporting meausres, with their vote, that disenfranchise the communities from when they come. Now, I'm not tryimg to make this a race issue but race is an underlying element that's fueling this division. I'm almost certain that if the decision to hire an additional, full-time clerk, who happens to be white, while leaving the court clerk, who happens to be black, with the most seniority in a part time position because of the city's budgetarty constraints, was made by a majority white board and mayor, there would have been outrage within the black community. But...since this house ninja move was orchestrated and supported by black elected officials, sans Alderman Quincy Rogers, we're all back of the bus and shit.

If you cut one clerks hours due to budgetarty constraints, then you don't hire another full time clerk, you don't go to MML Conferences, you don't hire other part time employees and you don't spend thousands on security cameras when the police are right across the hall. If you don't have money to give the clerk with the most seniority all of her hours, then you shouldn't have money in the budget to hire someone else; especially someone that was allegedly terminated for insubordination. When two out of three department heads, who happens to be white, gets everything they request while the one black department head is constantly denied request after request, it seems like a pattern to me. As I stated earlier, thiese moves and alliances aren't all about racism; a lot of these back room deals are about placism. Winston, C.Rogers and Dukes are not concerned about their communities; they're more concerned with their hidden agendas.

When I was hauled into court, it looked like a Lumberton board meeting. Lumberton's city hall was essentially shut down in an attempt to shut me and my blog down. Jay McGraw was the lone white witness. Also in attendance was Ben Winston, Tommy Dukes and Bobby Gibson. Really? Why was Gibson there? Why didn't they subpoena Timothy Johnson so he could take the stand? Cora Rogers was on her way to testify but she was on CP time...as usual. That's why I say it's about placism. Here's all these grown ass men hiding behind the skirt of a white woman who's slip is showing. We can hold Winston and C.Rogers accountable because they were voted into office. Tommy Dukes didn't have anyone running against him so he didn't make any promises and his vote/support is given to the highest bidder. Sadly, Ward 4 haven't been represented since Terry Cannaday left office. That's pretty much what was said. I'm not sticking my head in the sand and I'm not naive. Ben Winston, Tommy Dukes and Cora Rogers are sellouts for sale and it's time for us to let them know, We Ain't Buying!


  1. Would you explain the seating arrangement of the board members? Kent Crider is Ward 1. Why is Jay McGraw, Ward 2 seated next to Merlene? Shouldn't Kent be in that seat or she should be seated next to the mayor. Please explain.

    1. I'll share my thoughts on that matter in the next blog post. I thought I was the only one that noticed.


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