Meet Cody Creel, Candidate Lamar County Coroner

Cody Creel is one of the candidates seeking your vote for Lamar County Coroner. Creel was at the Lumberton Political Rally a couple of weeks ago and while greeting potential supporter, he rushed to aid a citizen of Lumberton that was having complications from the extreme heat. Cody Creel has a campaign page on Facebook: Lamar County Coroner Elect Cody Creel. There you will find more details about his campaign and a video explaining why he's seeking office. A Lamar County resident had this to say about Cody Creel:
"Politics is not something I normally talk or post about, but a very special friend of ours is running for Coroner in Lamar County. Cody Creel is Derek's Guardian Angel. Cody was the EMT on the ambulance the day he had his heart attack. Derek coded twice and Cody revived him back. So I'm asking you to Please vote for this kind man."-Lisa Carroll Smith


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