HWG (High Weeds & Grass)

Two weeks ago, the board approved the hiring of two seasonal employees to cut grass in Lumberton. Have you driven through Lumberton lately? If so, you would notice that none of the grass has been cut. The grass at the parks, medians and all cemeteries are in dire need of attention. At the regular board meeting, there were claims of budget shortfalls but somehow they had enough money to hire two additional employees for 40/hours week with full benefits to cut grass. However, for some reason, the grass is not getting cut. Now I know we've had a lot of rain last week but today it's sunny and I drove around but didn't see any city employees cutting grass. So why is the grass not getting cut when two people have a full time job to ensure that the grass is cut? I know they can't use the industrial mowers but couldn't they use the grass trimmers to maintain the medians and to clear the grass around the fences at the parks and the graves at the cemetery? What has the grass crew been doing for the past two weeks? They haven't been cutting grass. Since the Public Works Director, Danny Davis, never return my calls, will some concerned citizens give him a call to see what's going on. His city paid cellphone number is 601-535-2679. If you get an answer, would you let me know his response. According to the weather channel, more rain is in the forecast. If nothing is done soon, we're going to need a sling blade to crrate a path to the few businesses on Main Street.


  1. I understand hiring the grass cuters but what about the clerk's 40 hours abdbenefits for the police department. That is the one department that's bring in the money and we can't get more cops and a full time clerk. Crazy as hell. I am so tried of stupid

  2. What have the seasonal worker been doing and what person hire seasonal worker and give them benefits and why hire a city Attorney and he set there while the board make stupid decisions.


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