The Hardest Pill to Swallow

Spring is here and in Lumberton, that's an indication for more chaos. On yesterday, Richard Rose turned himself in to face the charges filed against him in Diamondhead. Rose has ties to the LVFD and was hired by McGraw, Crider and Dukes to prepare our current budget that didn't include any millege rste increases to help sustain essential city services such as adequate police protection. As stated in previous blog posts, Rose was never "officially" hired; meaning his name is not spread across the minutes but there's an endorsed, cancelled check with his name on it. Hopefully, one day, the cancelled check and the complaint filed with the ethics department will surface in lieu of an investigation. The Mayor of Terry was recently arrested for embezzlement and, in my opinion, the payment of Rose could be interpreted as a form of embezzlement or extortion since there's nothing in the minutes to explain why Rose was paid by the City of Lumberton and the city speaks through its minutes. One of the major problems in this city is the unwillingness to listen to the citizens. During the campaign and before tne election, you have their ear but after getting sworn in, the concerns of the citizens are put on the back burner. Well, actually, they're at the end of the agenda and limited to 2 minutes.

The City of Lumberton is circling the drain and if this board does not get on one accord, we might end up over a cliff. Spring has just begun and there's already been multiple shootings and even allegations of a visitor getting gang raped. There's an old saying, pay the police like your life depends on it. This board has slashed and diminished police protection to a point of no return. How long do they think officers are going to deal with low pay, a slash in hours, old cars, lack of suppprt and lack of appreciation before looking for a job elsewhere? If this board continues to cut police protection, not many officers are going to risk their lives for a city that values its clerks and public works department more than those guarding the citizens.

Let's be clear, I'm not against the right to bear arms. However, I'm against idiots yielding weapons. I've heard about three shootings but haven't heard of anyone getting harmed. So, obviously, they don't know how to effectively use the weapon they're wielding. Their lack of gun training increases the chances of an innocent bystander getting hurt and that's a problem. Despite the number of shootings reported by tbe "street committee", I haven't heard of any arrests being made. Again, a lack of police protection has allowed dangerous individuals the freedom to roam the streets and endanger innocent bystanders. Winston said he was elected to unite the city. We all see that's not a true statement because he's only interested in getting the support of his three pocket supporters. Winston has no problem calling a special called meeting to spot zone land for a business associate. It's time for him to get off the corner and get some cojones to make an executive decision. If I were mayor, I would call in every officer available, regardless of cost, and have them patrol this city night and day until the ones shooting in the city limits are in jail. If he was smart, he would get County assistance and the best time to have them processed in jail would be this evening because it's a holiday weekend and they wouldn't get to see a judge until Monday; meaning they would be off the streets for Easter. But that's just my logical way of thinking. Surely, Winston is not concerned about the safety of the citizens of Lumberton. If he was, then he would make better decisions. Personally, I think the police do a great job despite their limitations but they need more than lip service from the board. This is the Easter weekend and although it's a time to reflect on the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, it has a totally different purpose in Lumberton. Yes there will be some going to church and attending the day in the park that's sponsored by the Lumberton Police Department but for a lot of people this weekend is for grilling and turning up (getting drunk/high, swerving, speeding through the hood, etc.) and every available police officer should be on patrol but that would require approval from the board. For some reason, this board still think Lumberton is like Mayberry when it's more like the old Jerry Springer show. I hope all goes well. I'm praying for the officers that will be away from their families while trying to provide a safe environment for a lot of unappreciative citizens. I'm bracing for the foolishness that's bound to happen over the next several days and I pray that they party responsibly, be mindful of others and that no one gets caught in the crossfire. Be safe and remember, Jesus is the reason for the season. If there are any athiest readers that are offended by my references to God and Jesus please go kick rocks. Peace and blessings!


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