Speed Bump #1: The Not So Public Records

This is a first, even in the City of Lumberton. I go to city hall to review and possibly make copies of various minutes but when I arrived, the city clerk was out of the office and I was informed by the, you know what, I really don't know her title, I don't know if she's the deputy clerk or public works clerk but she informed me that the records room was locked and she does not have the key to get into the room. Now, are you having a now what now moment too? Well, first of all, the minute books are public records and are supposed to be accessible to the public. I have never had a problem going through the minute books before Merlene Wall became city ckerk. I didn't have a problem when JoAnn Ladner was in office, when Leonette Wynn was in office or when Stephanie Mullings was in office. Oh, wait a minute, I made an error. I don't think I ever requested to see the minute books when JoAnn Ladner was in office and when Leonette Wynn was city clerk she asked me to let her know I was in the records room because they would hear things moving around and they wouldn't know what was going on so from that point, I would let the city clerk know I was in the records room. Well now the citizens no longer have unfettered access to the public records.

Here's the problem. I'm accused of lying in my blog posts and the person claiming that I'm lying has part of the evidence under lock and key. How convenient! (In my Dana Carvey as The Church Lady voice) At this point, I don't know what to call it. I dont know if it's racism or placism. After sitting at city hall for over 30 minutes, I was told that it would take some time to get the records ready and they would call me back later in the day to let me know when I can view the public records. Say it with me, "Now what now?" What do you mean you need time to get records ready that are already supposed to be in the minute books? OAN: Keenon Johnson was rather polite. As a matter of fact, I didn't need to record our interaction. While in the midst of blogging this post, I received a called from Johnson explaining that they are busy processing the bills for the month and advised me that I can view the minute books on Monday, May 4, 2015 after lunch. Again, if the public records room was actually open to the public, I wouldn't need them to go get the books, I could get them myself. Only in Lumberton!


  1. Merlene is one crazy bitch. I think someone on the board is behind all of this. If I were you I would contact every news outlet and let them know that your first amendment rights are being violated.

  2. I think you should take it easy on Merlene. She's probably grumpy from having to wear a diaper all day. I guess she see you coming and she can't deal with anymore shit.

  3. They have a bonus pack of Depends on sale at Walgreens. Maybe if you buy her a pack she might warm up to you. And get a pack for hubby too.

  4. Merlene is a dumb beast working for a board of dumb beasts and she lives with another dumb beast so if she can't do her job then go back to the swamp and no one would know or care. I can't believe a person that grew up around alligators have such thin skin. Go home and take care of your grandson and let your granddaughter enjoy her childhood. I talked with you the other day and the fact that you think you're immune to criticism is a joke. Your husband has said worse things about you, where's the lawsuit against him?


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