Turning Tragedy Into Triupmh

On April 12, 2015, the lives of one family changed forever. The news traveled quickly from Medina, TN to Lumberton, MS about the tragic deaths of 15 year old twins, Shawn and Keyshawn Collier. I may not have known the twins personally, but I know their mother, Dorena "Evette" Collier, their grandmother, Mrs. Charlotte Edwards, their aunts, uncles and cousins. The Collier family has many ties to the City of Lumberton. After hearing the news, I prayed for the family and offered my support. I could never imagine or would want to imagine the toll the death of a child has on a parent but as I viewd the Homegoing Services, I vould tell that the twins, Shawn and Keyshawn, were loved and will be greatly missed. I read some post via Facebook and I can see that their mother is a pillar of strength and courage. Instead of being consumed by grief, she's rallying for the establishment of a community center in Medina, TN. The seed has been planted and now the work has begun to nurture and cultivate the growth of the Collier Christian Community Center.

Dorena Collier posted the following on Facebook

"I've had so many people ask me what can they do to help me due to the tragic loss of my twin boys this past week. I was always told to say what you mean and mean what you say because a man's word is his bond. Now, I say all that to say...To all the Padtors, City Officials, Jackson Sun, WBBJ, Business Leaders, Teachers, Neighbors, Friends, School Board Members, Police Departments and anyone else that has been touched by what happened in Medina last Sunday, our kids need a Community Center and I am starting today to make sure that happens in honor of my twin boys. So I am about to start knocking on all the doors of tnose that said they were willing to do whatever to help. Please know 4hat my first order of business will be to form a committee for this project. I am going to need volunteers to help ASAP!"
This project was started a few days ago and they're moving full steam ahead. A design for the Collier Christian Community Center (pictured above) has been completed, two NCAA regulation basketball goals have been donated and the Milan Middle School has raised over $650 for the Medina project.

I guess the readers of this blog is asking themselves why am I posting about a proposal for a community center in Medina, TN whem one is needed in Lumberton, MS? Well, I'm glad you asked that question. I truly belive God will do for you what you make happen for others. The Collier family is just as much a part of Lumberton, MS as they are Medina, TN. I was sharing their story in case some local citizens wanted to help in this effort. You may not know Dorena, Shawn, Keyshawn, Mrs. Charlotte but you know this is a worthy cause. This family needs our prayers and support. Anything that could help prevent another tragic loss of life has my attention and support. If you're interested in donating your time, services, equipment, gifts/resources or money you can use the information below.

192 Crooked Creek Lane, Medina, TN 38355. (731) 513-4594
I'm sure the family will be very grateful for your contribution. Please keep them in your prayers and May God Bless their endeavor.


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