How about having a sweet start this week! Over the weekend, I learned that Shirley White has entered the cake business. Everytime there was a dinner or function at the church, everyone wanted to make sure they got a slice of Shirley's buttery, delicious pound cake. Well, now you can have more than a slice; you can have the whole cake. I must admit, I never had the pound cake with cream cheese frosting but since I'm so dedicated to providing accurate information, I'm going to order one so I can share my review with the readers of the blog. Please keep in mind that I'm willing to order and sample this cake for research purposes. LOL! But don't wait and take my word. If you would like to see/taste for yourself, give Shirley White a call at 601-796-8028 or 601-270-3810 for ordering and pricing information. Please note, this is a local business venture that produces homemade pound cakes baked with love. Unfortunately, out of state delivery is not available at this time.


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