Merlene the Miserable

I wasn't planning on blogging today but I received an interesting tip. It seems that instead of doing her job as city clerk, Merlene has been on my blog. Allegedly speaking of course, she's hired William Ducker and is planning on serving me papers today. I hope I didn't spoil the surprise. It seems like it's official, we're going to court. Now I get the chance to subpoena all the records and minutes to defend what I've posted in the blog. I also get to subpoena the alderpersons to testify about things said in executive session. Apparently someone is bothered by the truth. For the record, the only people bothered by the truth are those living in a kingdom of lies. I wonder what story she concocted for her attorney? Was it the fact that she was trained twice and we're still paying BBI to do the work or maybe it's the facts about her lack of knowledge about the budget. Who knows? One thing for certain, as soon as Danny Edwards deliver the paperwork, I will let you know. I only wish she was as tenacious when it came to accurate water bills, completion of minutes and the issuance of board member packets. Enjoy your day and I hope she prints this post as well. By the way, are you printing these posts on city paid paper during work hours? I certainly hope not. Tisk! Tisk!


  1. Merlene the Bitter Bitch is more like it. You can tell she's an outsider because local folk know one another. Why is she getting a lawyer? Stupid bitch.

  2. That's a very good picture. I didn't know she was a twin.

  3. If you decide to work for the public then at least have people skills.

  4. Petty claims are a waste of time for Attorneys and Courts. We are suing for lies. If Marlene can’t take the heat get out of the City Clerk’s Office. Now we are going to play the role of a VICTIM which is a pattern, now let the games begin.
    First rape
    Second Stalking
    Third lying
    Fourth court
    Fifth jail
    These are the steps of a white woman take and a white man will make it all happen along with two black men. We know she couldn’t claim rape, so stalking was next and we all know the story. I’m not playing the race card because she has the help of two black men and blacks just hate. They are like crabs in a bucket.
    All this time the Lumberton Informer posting the meetings you would think they would get their act together! They have to hate and what great things have this Board and City Clerk done for this City, such a waste.

  5. She went to training and still can't balance the books I guess that's a lie.


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