My Brother's Keeper

Residents of Lumberton were shocked as news spread of the drowning of two Medina, Tennessee twin teens, Shawn and Keyshawn Collier. The young men are not from Lumberton but they have family ties to Lumberton. Their grandmother, Charlotte Edwards, resides in Lumberton and their mother, Dorena Collier (also known as Evette when she lived and attended school in Lumberton.) When a tragedy strikes Lumberton, the ripple effects of that tragedy touches us all either directly or indirectly because in one way or another, we're all connected. Although we might not know the twins Shawn and KeyShawn, personally, we know their mother, their grandmother, their aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. I can't imagine the grief of losing a child and I definitely can't imagine the pain of losing two at the same time. From the news reports, it's clear that the twins were well liked and respected by their friends, members of the community and by their teachers. They had a promising future and they are already greatly missed. Teachers described the Collier twins as smart and athletic. Both Shawn and KeyShawn played football and basketball. Principle Steve Malone said
"We lost two very special people in the Medina Middle School family. They were ready to finish the eighth grade and move on to high school. "
One of their teachers, Pam Bland, said
"They didn't want to be different. They wanted to join in just like any child. They could be funny. They could be typical boys. They would try you, try your patience, or just tell you 'Hey, I love you' or thank you. You know, it'd just melt your heart. They were good boys."
Please keep the Collier Family in your prayers as they grieve the loss of Shawn and Keyshawn Collier. A Go Fund Me account has been set up to help the Collier family. If you would like to help, simply follow the link below.


  1. Prayers for the Collier family this is so sad. We ask for comfort to all as they endure this tradegdy. Prayers!!!!

  2. My prayers are with you and your family.

  3. I was saddened by the news of the young boys drowning. I saw some photos of the twins and they truly seem to have a bond. I know it's a tragedy but I also see the live one brother had for his twin brother and the fact that he risked his life to save the life of his brother. Now that's love. I'm praying for the family and may they rest in peace.


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