Cora In Charge: Lord Help Us ALL

Well, it’s official. Ben Winston is no longer Mayor of the City of Lumberton. The members of the board of aldermen had a special called meeting to officially accept the resignation of Mayor Ben Winston. The next step is to set a date for an election. The scary part is Cora Rogers is now in charge. Frightening!!!! It amazes me that she’s been in office for over two years and she’s still clueless about conducting a board meeting. I will call him squishy and he shall be my squishy! Maybe she speaks whale!?

Before the meeting, Kent Crider was explaining how he already contacted the Attorney General about his plan to run for the position of mayor. Unfortunately, he is not required to resign in order to run for mayor. Basically, he can run for mayor, failed to get elected as mayor and still have a position on the board. Bummer. I think Cora Rogers is also planning on putting her hat in the ring because she really, really, really wants to be mayor. Well, I say they both should go for it. Let’s see how much confidence the citizens of Lumberton have in individuals that have failed to call for accountability and integrity since becoming elected officials. I guess Crider is working on getting his share of the spotlight because he’s trying to convince the two time thief, Hugh James McGraw aka Jay McGraw, to resign in order to save the city some money. Personally, I think McGraw has some mental issues and I don’t think he has any plans of resigning.

Since Crider wanted some extra time to speak with McGraw, there will be another special call meeting next Tuesday to set a date for the special election. I hope Kent Crider and Cora Rogers decide to run for the office of mayor because it would give someone like me an opportunity to also join the race. I think if I won the position of mayor, all of Lumberton’s department heads would quit the day I’m sworn in. Just getting elected as mayor, I would single handedly clean up city hall. Wouldn’t it be ironic that I would get elected as mayor and Ben Winston started blogging about me. I don’t know who would write the blog for him since he barely speaks intelligibly but the thought of our roles reversing has me cracking up. On a serious note, I hope the person that’s seeking election realize they’re going into a hornet’s nest and will probably get stung a few times. But on the brighter side, they only have to endure the remaining two years. Just something to think about.


  1. Before I got to the last paragraph I was thinking that you should run for mayor , you have been to all the meetings you know what is going on and how to handle it. You know what needs to be done so go for it !

  2. Help Lumberton recover, vote for John and "Pray for Jay!"

  3. Most of what Jay has done and reported only makes Lumberton look worse to the outside world. He never has anything good to say. Now he's considering running for mayor! If Lumberton is so bad, why be mayor. You've posted negative personal stuff about people, not considering these people have families. Sounds like you got a chip. Brush it off. Great skills, but wasted in wrong place. You should be doing reporting for Hattiesburg American or Eyewitness News! Certainly would pay more money. Stop "helping" make your hometown look like a joke.

    1. Why would he run for mayor? Duh... he CARES about Lumberton which obviously you (whoever you are) do NOT care. All Jay has done is point out the things in Lumberton that are WRONG. The board COULD have taken those things and tried to improve things. Did they? NO!!! They just kept right on with their own agenda pulling Lumberton further and further in that black hole. And to keep a KNOWN thief on the board... what can I say?

  4. he shows he cares more about Lumberton than almost anybody. He is at every meeting and has educated himself at least to some degree about city government and how it works.(how it is supposed to work, that is) The first thing necessary to get anything done is to acknowledge what problems you have. Sometimes it is easy to spot the shortcomings of others, but the now ex-administration refused to admit what the problems were, so how could he even address them? At least Jay can see the problems and therefore address them, not ignore them. If we have another mayor who fails to admit how bad Lumberton is, we will never get any positive change. As far as negative stuff about people affecting their families, don't you think that those people should have been the ones concerned about that to start with? They had the responsibility to do the right thing so that their families could be proud. THEY are the ones who should have thought about their families and what their actions would have on them. This town IS a joke till our leaders stop using their offices for personal interests and not the public good.


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