We Are Lumberton

There’s no “I” in team but there’s always a leader and this year, Daylon Burks holds that distinction. Last week, the Lumberton Panthers won the first round of the play off games, defeating French Camp to make it to the next level. Throughout this seaon, Burks has continued to defy the odds and emerge as a leader. A recent sports writer had this to say about Burks:

“Daylon Burks has flown under the radar in the Pine Belt area, due mostly to other standouts, Isaiah Woullard, Detric Hawthorn, Josh Miller and Jordan Duncan. But make no mistake, he belongs in the same breath. In the Panthers’ win over French Camp in the opening round of the class 1A playoffs, Burks rushed 28 times for 385 yards and four touchdown. Burks has rushed for almost 2,400 yards in the year as well as tacking on 30 rushing touchdowns.”
Burks has truly etched his place into the annals of Lumberton’s glorious football history. The Panthers will look to Burks and rely heavily on his talents, skills and leadership when they take the field against Nanih Waiya in the second round of the playoff games. Good Luck Panthers!


  1. I pray he is a good kid and go far not one with attitudes and not achieving goals. I also pray his goals are high.
    Education is the Key to Success.


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