Stop the Insanity!

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Sadly, when it comes to elections in Lumberton, we're insane. For some reason, the people of Lumberton elect the same people over and over again and they expect different results. Why? If I knew the answer to that question I wouldn't spend so much time trying to shed the light of accountability on city hall. Last week, the board voted to accept the resignation of Mayor Ben Winston, who decided to leave the world of politics after losing to Warren Byrd....AGAIN. The board was going to set a date for the special election but Alderman Kent Crider asked the board to wait to set the date because he wanted to see if he could convince the taker of shinny things, Alderman Hugh James McGraw aka Jay McGraw, to resign. In the course of a week, Crider has designated himself as the negotiator because he's planning on running for the mayoral position. Interesting. In an interview with the Hattiesburg American Crider is quoted as saying the following:
"He's talked with me a couple of times, and I want to get back with him again. I'll try to get something done over the weekend, but I'd like to try to save the city the money for two elections."
According to his interview, Crider is trying to save the City of Lumberton money by avoiding two elections but Crider is planning on running for the office of mayor and if he wins the election, that would result in what, another election for Lumberton. So is Crider really looking out for the City of Lumberton or is this an attempt to get himself some attention so he can justify running for another position?

It is also rumored that Alderwoman at Large, Cora Rogers is planning on seeking the mayoral position as well. She was also featured in the Hattiesburg American interview. The part of the interview I found interesting was this:

"I'm ready to do the best I can for the city of Lumberton, along with the administration," she said. "I think and believe that I have a board that will work with me, and I will work with them, and hopefully the citizens will be happy. We'll try to do the right things."
Is doing the right thing that difficult? I have a problem when a person says they're going to try to do the right things. Just do the right thing. Period. So far, these are the two that's considering a run to fill the vacant mayoral seat. As you know, I'm also considering a run for the post. I spoke with former mayor, Miriam Holder and she's not running. It's clear that the person seeking to fill this post must be aware of the guidelines set for regarding the governance of a code charter municipality. I have fought for transparency and answers from our elected officials for quite some time and I think I've done all I can from the side lines; it's time to get in the game. Win or lose, this election will set the tone for the future of Lumberton. Once and for all, we will know, without a doubt, if the citizens of Lumberton are ready to move ahead or if they're satisfied with staying chained to the past. There will be a special call meeting tonight at 6 to see if Hugh James McGraw submitted his letter of resignation and to set a date for the special election. I will post an update and a video of the meeting later on the Lumberton Informer Facebook page.


  1. He didn't NOT resign because, as he said, he suffers from PTSD... instead he suffers from HUAD (Head Up Ass Disease). But don't worry - he is a disgusting pig who will be prosecuted before too long.

  2. I hope you decide to run and win. I would love to see what you have to afford the City of Lumberton so that being said I will vote for you.


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