Delayed Not Denied

I’ve almost been enthralled in this fight to protect my first amendment right for a whole year. In December of 2014, I was served with a cease and desist letter regarding certain posts in my blog. When I opened the letter, I didn’t take it seriously because the person that commissioned the letter name was not spelled correctly and the letter was mailed with a basic stamp. Personally, I would have expected the letter to be certified or at least required a signature. Well, fast forward and a couple of months later I was served with papers notifying me that I was being sued for my attempts to offer citizens transparency into the backdoor dealings at city hall. Surprisingly, I was hauled into court rather quickly. As a matter of fact, when a court date was set I was still in the process of obtaining an attorney. After motions, responses, other court delays and eventually a trial, I am still awaiting a verdict regarding the expression of my first amendment rights. However, the glacial response is just another reminder that I am a resident of Mississippi where an attempt to deny an individual their constitutional rights is not considered hate but heritage.

There are people that are waiting to hear the outcome of the trial; some are actually concerned and others are probably praying that I loose. But God! I am a man of faith and God has opened doors throughout this ordeal. First, I was granted favor when an attorney spent hours, free of charge, helping me draft my answer to the frivolous lawsuit. He thought the matter would be dismissed because it was a first amendment case. To our surprise, the case was not dismissed. Later, the attorney provided me with case law and some information that helped me to draft a discovery motion and other paperwork needed so I was protected from a summary judgement. But God! I was later granted favor when I obtained representation. FYI: If you’re looking for a great attorney, you might want to consider Alexander Ignatiev. (601) 914-5660. Keep in mind that I’m somewhat biased. But every step of the way, God was letting me know that He is in control.

During this ordeal, I have prayed because I know I still reside in Mississippi. Every time I get discouraged, I always recall on of my favorite scriptures:

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.”
I know there’s a plan in place and those that are looking for my demise are hoping/wishing that I violate the gag order because they don’t have a case. Just imagine, a year has been spent trying to deny me my constitutional rights. Imagine if the former mayor would have instructed office personnel to address citizen concerns, infrastructure issue and ways to fund the police department, he might have had a chance at winning the district supervisor spot. Instead, he opted to ignore the problems facing the city and instruct individuals to monitor my blog; time that could have been well spent focusing on budgeting issues.

Someone gave me this poem to help me make it through these trying months. “God always hears and answers prayer. Though long may be the trial. Let patience bloom while God prepared; Delay is not denial. What God would glorify His Name, and make His blessing great; The one whose heart God’s will doth frame, must sometimes pray and wait. So when the weeks turn into months, then years. And doubt feign would defile. Beseech the more and that with tears, Delay is not denial."


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