Giving Thanks

Today, we officially celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday; a day set aside to show that we are thankful for the many blessings bestowed upon our lives. Every day there’s a reason to be thankful even if it’s nothing more than being thankful for being among the living. Today, people will travel near and far to be with their families and enjoy a fest. During this time, I can’t help but think of families that have great memories of these gatherings but at the same time, they’re grieving because a beloved member of their family has transitioned into eternity. Regardless if this is your first Thanksgiving without a loved one or your tenth, there are still moments when sadness take over and you must grapple with establishing new memories while embracing old memories.

I am thankful that I will be eating dinner with my beloved aunt, Helen Williams, in Hattiesburg and we will share food, stories of old family gatherings and create new memories. There’s no doubt that we will probably consume too much food but laughter will help burn off those extra calories. I’m thankful that this year has taught me to be more appreciate and realize that I have more supporters than haters. For the majority of this year, I was in and out of court fighting for my right to demand accountability for the governing body of Lumberton. I’m thankful that I was victorious and now I’m afforded the opportunity to continue my quest for accountability by getting included on the ballot for Mayor. I’m thankful for an attorney that represented me to the fullest and free of charge. I’m thankful for the kind words of encouragement I received from blog readers both near and far.

Today, as we prepare to sit together to fellowship over a meal, please remember those that are alone; invite someone over for dinner or offer them a plate of food. I think the members of His Worship Center will be serving Thanksgiving dinner in their fellowship hall but I’m not certain of the time. It’s important that God’s people practice thanksgiving all the time. At the core of our hearts are the firm beliefs of our mind and at the core of our actions are the attitudes of our hearts. Thanksgiving, the attitude as well as the act, is enriched by both the knowledge of and confidence in the authority and accuracy of the Word of God. I pray that you take a little time on today, Thanksgiving, and every day to give thanks for the good people and good things you have the privilege of enjoying. Enjoy your day and if you would like to share what you’re thankful for, please leave a comment. Happy Thanksgiving Day!


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