The Fall of the Westbank WALL

I think this will be the last post about Merlene Wall this week because I don’t want a root of bitterness to spring forth. Besides, if I’m going to get bitter, it’s not going to be because of a unknowledgeable slore. One of the main reasons Merlene was able to fake us out so long was because she had access to the vast knowledge of a code charter municipality possessed by former mayor, Miriam R. Holder. When Ben Winston took office, there was no doubt that he was clueless and had no regard for laws. Merlene tried to hold on to the little knowledge she retained but it was not working in her favor. Thankfully, she has a board that just as clueless as her. I know there will be other posts regarding Merlene but I don’t want to dedicate too many blog post about her because I don’t want to become jaded.

I still marvel at the fact that Merlene went into court, lied under oath and tried to have me jailed for expressing my first amendment rights. Wait, the lies started long before we ever made it into the court room. She plotted and manipulated in an effort to paint me as the villain. I guess since she easily convinced the board she felt she would be able to convince a judge. I guess she forgot that the mayor and board members wanted to believe her lies because they wanted to keep the citizens of Lumberton from knowing the truth. You see, she knew she didn’t have much of a case with the claim of slander so she decided to claim that I was stalking her. How ridiculous! I wonder who was monitoring my Facebook page and reporting back to her. She conveniently said I was stalking her at Ramey’s and there were several times I posted that I was at Ramey’s but I was at the Purvis location not the one in Lumberton. That’s another thing I had to change. I no longer check in at various locations on social media because I’ve learned that people will try to use that information against you. Another lesson learned. I guess Merlene forgot that Ramey’s had video cameras and if I were truly stalking her, she would have filed a police report and had them pull the video tape just like I did when she drove past my house on October 19, 2015.

Somehow, Merlene has managed to convince herself and her supporters that I’m a brute. She has her son and husband coming to board meetings. I guess they’re there to protect her. I don’t know what stories she’s telling them but my weapon of choice is words. I have decimated Merlene Wall professionally and emotionally by telling the truth of her incompetence and she’s constantly grasping at straws trying to give people the impression that I’m a menacing individual. If she didn’t look like a combination of Kung Fu Panda, Mrs. Doubtfire and Ephialtes of Trachis ( that humpbacked imp from the 300), she probably would have claimed I accosted her and ripped the seal from her Depends undergarments but I guess she realized no one would believe that story.

I have dealt with a lot because I chose to seek transparency in Lumberton through my blog but I never had to deal with such treachery; not even with Hobson threatened me with his gun while he was on duty. I suppose those who talked Merlene into pursuing the case against me, apparently thought an elderly woman would garner more sympathy from a judge but thankfully, the judge was fair in this matter. I’ve had to change a lot of my activities since this case was brought forth. I had to adjust things I would normally do. For instance, I never travel anywhere alone because I need a witness. I keep my cellphone charged because I never know when I might have to record an incident. I honestly didn’t think I would get justice in this matter but I’m glad that I prevailed in this case and I will never have to deal with another lawsuit from Merlene again regarding my blog or allegations of stalking because the case was dismissed with prejudice. I had to contact my attorney to find out that was a good thing. What’s interesting is that the auditor of the City of Lumberton took the stand, swore to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and she flat out lied. Makes me wonder what else is she lying about regarding our government and finances. I want to thank my readers and supporters while I got this out of my system. I will focus on more important issues and I’m sure Merlene will continue to violate the laws governing a code charter municipality and she will continue to tarnish the position of city clerk as long as the board accepts her incompetence. Every time she’s questioned about the training classes she attend, at the taxpayer’s expense, she proudly states she has a 90 average. Apparently, everything Merlene needs to know about BBI, budgets, Open Meeting Laws and executive sessions was in the 10% she missed. It’s not a matter of if Merlene will mess up again, it’s a matter of when she will mess up again.


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