Board FINALLY Sets Run-Off Election Date

This board cannot get it right. Pictured below is a copy of the notice that was posted for the Special Call Meeting that was held December 22, 2015 at 6:00 p.m. but the notice clearly states that the meeting is scheduled for December 29, 2015. Attention to detail is one of the many admirable traits I offer as a mayoral candidate. Despite the fact that there was no quorum, Mayor Pro Tempore called the meeting to order and waited for another alderman to show up for the special call meeting. Those in attendance were Jay McGraw, Kent Crider, Cora Rogers, Quincy Rogers, Merlene Wall and Lindsey Carter.

The board set the date for the special call election on December 29, 2015 from 7 am- 7 pm. Merlene Wall, city clerk, stated that the absentee voting will start on Saturday, December 26, 2015 from 8am – 12 noon. In accordance to the law, the absentee ballots are supposed to be available 7 days prior to the election. I asked for an explanation during the meeting and Merlene Wall stated that the ballots are not printed and she will pick them up in the morning. After asking a follow up question, Cora Rogers talked over me and said she gave her explanation and I guess that was supposed to be the end of it. However, if Merlene Wall would have contacted the board and informed them of the need for a run-off election the day after the election instead of relying on Kent Crider’s interpretation of an Attorney General’s Opinion, the ballots would have been printed and available for citizens that are leaving town to vote via absentee ballot.

There have been so many ups and downs regarding this election and I have had to fight for transparency and for this administration to adhere to the laws of the State of Mississippi. There are people that were upset that I dared to question the integrity of this election and those working the election but had I not questioned what was going on I wouldn’t have found out why affidavit ballots were torn and placed in the trash can and I wouldn’t have found out about people outside the city limits voting in this election. Why are they fighting so hard to keep Jonathan F. Griffith out of city hall? What are they hiding? I don’t know but I need your help to get me into office so I can inform the citizens of what’s going on at city hall. Just as I fought for accountability during this election process, I will fight even harder to get the citizens answers and help Move The City of Lumberton Forward. Spread the word, help elect Jonathan F. Griffith as Mayor of Lumberton on December 29, 2015.


  1. Hold up. Did I read that correctly? Did that say they will have a special meeting at 6 on the 29th to discuss the runoff that is already set for the 29th? Omg!

    1. Three clerks in one office and they don't bother to proofread their documents.

  2. Jonathan is the only candidate that know the laws. Kent was saying there's not going to be a runoff but now he's looking like the idiot he is.

  3. I hear ugly words Cora is say about Jonathan Griffith but Lumberton community know Cora's life so don't get upset when people voice their opinions concerning The Preacher's wife and that's a felony telling your Mother who to vote for law breaking Mayor/Alderman. Don't hate someone for your mistakes. "Everything out in the open". It's your fault get over it and stop blaming others and stop talking and hating others for the way you lived your life. Please People lets take a look at ourselves and stop blaming others. If you don't want People in your business don't run for public positions stay hidden in your darkness.

  4. ALL of this will not matter if THE PEOPLE COME OUT AND VOTE.

  5. Does Merlene know if she lie or make a mistake she can tell the truth and move forward? What is her problem? She need to learn respect toward the citizens she work for and yes we the people of Lumberton Mississippi.

  6. I just watched the video. Did that dummy named Cora start a meeting without a quorum. That meeting was supposed to be dismissed for lack of a quorum. You're not supposed to wait and hope the other board members show up. Where was Tommy Dukes?


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