Jonathan F. Griffith on Economic Development and Fiscal Responsibility

Committed to creating a strategic approach to cultivate existing businesses and foster and environment that encourages quality economic growth.

It’s time for the Mayor of Lumberton to develop a consistent and direct line of communication with local and potential businesses. I will schedule monthly meetings to listen to local business owners, community organizations and potential business owners. I will also talk with businesses that decided NOT to move into Lumberton to find out their reasons for looking elsewhere. These efforts will provide effective two-way communication with the stakeholders to encourage growth and employment opportunities.

Elected officials must learn to listen to those who can provide the most effective response, and be willing to work in concert with leaders to accomplish real and immediate progress for positive economic impact in our community. That’s one reason why cities have planning and zoning committees.

The power of economic development is to improve all of Lumberton; to make it more appealing to potential business owners, to bring in jobs, to create better commercial and industrial districts which lead to better neighborhoods.

Committed to true transparency which is more than merely a promise.

The taxpayers of Lumberton deserve to know how our revenues are being utilized. The current administration had not provided accurate fiscal information. This year, the citizens of Lumberton were not able to obtain a copy of the budget until the day it was adopted. As a result, we were not afforded the opportunity to provide input or suggestions. The citizens of Lumberton should be kept fully informed of all major financial recommendations and decisions. Monthly agendas will be available prior to the board meetings and the minutes will reflect what actually took place during the board meetings. The city speaks through its minutes and it’s inexcusable to have incomplete minutes. Members of the board will get their board packets at least a week before the board meeting, in accordance to the ordinance, and not the day before or the day of the board meeting. Board members need time to thoroughly review what’s on the agenda and garner input from those residents of their wards so they can make informed decisions.

Under the Griffith Administration, budget reports will be provided on a quarterly basis and questions or concerns will be responded to in a timely manner. Yearly budget recommendations will be created in concert with citizen input at budget meetings. Major projects and requests for financing will be discussed well before the start of the project and as Mayor; I will not enter contracts without board approval. No decision will be made regarding the city’s revenues without first considering whether the decision is in the best interest of the citizens of Lumberton.


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