Careless Whispers: See Luke 12:3

This picture epitomizes why Crider is seeking the position as Mayor of Lumberton; he’s basically “in bed” with Merlene Wall. In other words, he’s running in an attempt to continue the cover up that’s been going on in Lumberton over the past few years. The members of the current administration do not want to keep the citizens informed; they don’t want to hold the city clerk accountable. The members that are serving want to keep the citizens of Lumberton in the dark and continue to discuss essential business behind closed doors in executive session. There’s an amazing success story waiting to unfold in Lumberton. On Tuesday, December 15, 2015, voters have the opportunity to empower the person who can help turn a positive vision into a tangible reality by electing Jonathan F. Griffith to serve as the next Mayor of Lumberton. Crider is a placeholder politician and lacks the wherewithal to help Lumberton grow. Let’s be clear, the Griffith Administration will not be focused on Merlene Wall. The Griffith Administration is focused on Moving the City of Lumberton Forward.

If elected mayor, my primary responsibility will be accountability. I will be at city hall every at least 30 minutes before business hours to ensure that the office is open and ready to assist customers. I will be at city hall almost every day of the week in order to determine the need for three clerks in one office, to find out why it’s so difficult to get water bills mailed before the first of the month, to ensure that citizens of Lumberton are treated with dignity and respect and to make sure that the office is not a meeting place for friends and family members of the employees but a place of business.

When I was interviewed by Carmen of WHLT-22, one of the questions she asked me was “If elected, do you think the other members of the board will respect you since you’ve been so vocal about them in your blog?” I responded by saying that the current members on the board may not like me but they’re going to respect me. My blog is the truth and the truth is like a lion. You don’t have to defend it; let it loos and it will defend itself. Over the past year, my blog was let loose and it defended itself in court and was victorious. The fact that those on the board may have a problem with the things I post is indicative of the problems that exist in Lumberton. I don’t have to like to you in order to work together to build up a city we all claim to love. If they have a problem with me then they have a problem with the truth. I attend every board meeting and if they wanted to address something I said or posted in the blog, they had every opportunity to do so but instead, they rather discuss me behind closed doors during executive session.

What the current board members and citizens of Lumberton need to realize is that the truth is not always beautiful, nor beautiful words the truth. There’s a lot at stake with the upcoming election. On December 15, 2015, the citizens of Lumberton will let everyone know if they are ready to move forward or if they want to stay chained to the past. It’s important that we begin investing in our city by electing someone like Jonathan F. Griffith. I’m not politically correct but I’m not afraid to call people out and fight for the city I love. Better days lie ahead if we are willing to do the work. I am ready to help lead the way. On December 15, 2015, elect Jonathan F. Griffith, Mayor of Lumberton.


  1. Crider is a puppet on a string. Look at him. How embarrassing that the sign saying "Vote for Kent Crider" IS ON A CLOSED BUSINESS!!! What a joke.

  2. The sign Kent Crider has proudly displayed at a business that can't stay open is more like an omen. If Crider gets elected that's the death of a Lumberton. Love your signs J Griff. At least one candidate took the initiative to put up a professional sign. Make sure you put one next to the one at the 4-way stop. Apparently that's city property. I'm voting for Jonathan F. Griffith because he cared enough to respect the position. Very professional.

  3. Make sure you get a list of registered voters and after the election get a copy of the signature sheets. We don't want some of the people Kent Crider embalmed showing up to vote like they did 2 years ago.

  4. I saw a Kent Crider home made sign on TWO closed businesses, The old fish restaurant AND the closed storage facility! Is he running for idiot of the year? What kind of person would put his name on all the closed businesses wanting us to be proud of him? Who would vote for this person?


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