'Twas The Night Before The Election

Twas the night before the election and all through the land.

The voters were wondering,”Of these three guys running—which one can I stand?”

The people were divided about who was the best.

The guy who help put Lumberton in this condition, the former fire chief or the blogger who’s not afraid to rattle the nest.

I was lounging in my pajamas with a steaming cup of cocoa in my lap.

Getting ready to log out of Facebook so I could take a little nap.

When all of a sudden, there arose such a noise.

I peeked out of my window and it was Crider and his boys.

Kent Crider, Paul Ockmond and Ben Winston were parading the streets like they were on a float.

Pulling out their old bag of tricks trying to get Crider some votes.

They knew if they could get Crider elected they can snatch up the hospital, opportunities and more land with a wink.

Then jumped on the bandwagon of chief sinners before I could blink.

Crider then rallied his henchmen who were pulling his cart.

I could tell they were out to tear Lumberton apart.

On Lindsey, on Merlene, on Jay, on Cora, on Ben, on Paul, on Cora and Tommy Dukes too.

Let’s rip apart the city we claim to love and turn it into a pot of bitter stew.

Merlene cooked the books while Melissa stood by and watched.

They both racked up comp time while Betty’s hours were docked.

Paul was leading the way instructing Ben to go to his old church and get votes for Crider.

With him in office we can keep overpricing our land and blaming outsiders.

We can then use Crider to claim that no one is interested in this town.

When we know it’s the 2-3 land owners that’s keeping Lumberton down.

We know if Jonathan is elected he’s going to go in the office and dig.

He’ll call business connections and ruin our gig.

Let’s try to discredit Jonathan Griffith and the Lumberton Informer.

We can say he’s a gossiper, that he’s jealous and let’s claim he’s a racist.

Even though we know our claims have no basis.

They took off for his cause and as they flew out of sight.

I heard them all laugh at the city that wouldn’t stand up and fight.

There’s still life running through Lumberton’s veins.

As long we make sure an embalmer does not take the reign.

Crider and Walters once worked together to get ahead but for reasons unknown their close ties are now dead.

Pay attention to their past actions and not what they said.

Crider boasts that he’s the only candidate with insight into the finances of the city.

But his votes put Lumberton in this predicament so he doesn’t deserve your vote or your pity.

There’s still allegation of lying, cheating and calling him a thief.

It seems that people still have questions about Jerry Walters' reign as fire chief.

I know that everything is not always bright and sunny.

Some will continue to blame Walters and some blame Johnny.

But I'm not going to speculate and turn this into a lecture.

Because I don't know what happened so anything said would be nothing but conjecture.

Kent Crider is like an outdated machine that spews nothing but pollution.

Because he’s part of the problem and not the solution.

He’s obtuse, lethargic and have no remorse.

About jeopardizing the city’s safety by cutting the police force.

The people blasted their opinions and some tweeted their thoughts.

Reading the Hattiesburg American for answers they sought.

The latest article was forwarded from sister to colleague to friend.

But Crider’s claim of fiscal accountability will do him in.

Because he voted for the past 6 years to get Lumberton in this shape.

Now he has a record of ineffective leadership that he cannot escape.

Still others are undecided and just want to have some fun.

They wagged their fingers and rolled their eyes, mumbling “Can’t wait til this is done.”

The message is clear and the message is right.

The future of Lumberton will be decided tomorrow night.

Whether you think with your head and vote with your heart.

It’s time for Lumberton to move forward and this election will give us that start.

Please go to the voting precinct and cast your vote.

It’s a right and a privilege and it’s free I might note.

There’s only one candidate that really up for the task

But so many are focused on things he said in the past.

He’s brutally honest, intelligent and fair.

If you want Lumberton to have a fighting chance, elect Jonathan F. Griffith as your next mayor!


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