Mid-Day Edition: Cooking the Books for a Crook

In the last report, the votes were listed as follows: Crider 146, Griffith 126, Walter 30 and 10 affidavit votes that have not been added to the total. The last time I spoke with Merlene Wall, I was told the votes would be certified on Wednesday, December 23, 2015. I spoke with the election attorney, Kim Turner, at the Mississippi Secretary of State’s office and she informed me that unless a candidate received a majority vote there would be a runoff election. Here’s another piece of information that’s questionable. It was reported that 314 people voted in the election. In order for Kent Crider to win a majority (50% + 1) he needed 158 votes. Let’s say that all 10 of the uncounted affidavit votes were for Kent Crider, that would give him 156 votes, Griffith 126 and Walters 30. Those 2 affidavit votes that were found torn in the trash would have given him the exact number of votes needed. I guess someone miscalculated. Interesting. I guess we will have to do like Miss Celie in The Color Purple, sit back and see what color the walls gonna be.


  1. GET OUT AND VOTE in the run off!!!!! NO


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