Jonathan F. Griffith on Public Safety

Committed to ensuring the safety of our citizens and the preparedness of those who serve.

We cannot continue to say we want businesses to come to Lumberton and that we value the residents of Lumberton if we do not provide essential services like an adequate police department and fire protection. One cannot be valued without validation. It’s time to stop saying what’s not in the budget and use the budget effectively to provide the best use of taxpayer money.

We must prioritize the use of existing revenues and optimize the collection of uncollected fines to help support the police department. Those who keep us safe, who we expect to risk their lives every day, deserve the respect of their employer. It’s unacceptable that we have one officer per shift. That’s not respect. Everyone on the board is too eager to cut the meeting short and silence the citizens but it’s time to roll up our sleeves, listen to the citizens and develop a plan that will allow the City of Lumberton to upgrade police equipment/vehicles, improve salaries, grow community outreach and provide the most advanced tools required to keep citizens and our public safety personnel safe. If we have enough money in the budget to secure city hall, then we should find resources to have that same level of protection throughout the City of Lumberton.

Developing relationships between safety personnel and our community, while building upon citizen engagement will be the key in bridging the gap between citizens and city hall. Our common goal should be to make sure the City of Lumberton progresses like the surrounding cities and have enough protection to ensure the citizens are safe during the process.


  1. I see Kent Crider has the support of Paul Ockmond and Ben. Yoire the intelligent candidate that only need a pen. Is Jerry Walters still in the race? I don't want to sound sinister but Ben has already showed us Lumberton need more than a minister.

  2. Jerry Walters is remaining silent because he's hoping to lay low and take leftover votes. Look through old posts on the blog in case you forgot aboit how Jerry Walters stole the Fire Chief position from Johnny Grant and then accused Johnny of stealing. Then Walters was removed from the position by Kent Crider because Jerry was stealing, using the suburban for personal use and using the $1,000 stipend to pay his bills. I wish yoir comment section allowed photos because I have plenty of pictures of Jerry Walters and his family in the fire truck at Little Black Creek.

    1. This is the type of thing that happens when people don't have their facts straight. That is why this City is in the shape that it is in. 1) I didn't steal the Fire Department from Former Chief Johnny Grant. Chief Grant removed himself during a meeting of the Fire Department Board of Directors. Micheal Broome was promoted to Chief. I didn't want the position. During the following weeks, Mr. Broome became unable to maintain the position because of physical problems so the Board met again and questioned myself and Christopher Herrin. The Board felt that it was in the best interest of the community that I, being the most qualified firefighter at the time, assume the position. Mr. Herrin concurred and i was elected Chief. Mr. Grant was accused of stealing equipment from the department because some equipment was missing the morning after Mr. Broome became Chief. An inventory was done and a Police report made documenting the missing equipment after a former firefighter admitted the equipment being loaded on to his truck and him being instructed to deliver it to Mr. Grants residence. I have nothing against Johnny Grant. He and I have known each other for a long time. As far as me being removed by Kent Crider for stealing, using the Suburban for personal use, and paying my bills with the $1,000 stipend, that is nothing but a personal attack full of lies and innuendos. The Suburban was ONLY used for Fire Department business. I was not riding around on tax payer money. I had my own car for that. If equipment and supplies were needed for the Fire Department, the Suburban was used to go and get them. As far as the Suburban being out at Little Black Creek, yes it was. The Junior Firefighter Program has earned a day at Little Black Creek, and the Suburban was used to transport some of those Junior Firefighters, along with Ice Chests with drinks and supplies to make sandwiches. I did not need the $1,000 Stipend to pay my bills. I was drawing a disability check every month. And what i was short, one of my family members used her own money to help me out. It is a shame that people have to drop down to this level to drag someone thru the mud. I haven't been laying low. I've been talking to people door to door, those that may not use social media. I didn't have the money available to go out and get signs made. Big Deal. I didn't want to litter up the whole town with election signs. This town already looks bad enough the way it is. That was a bold statement saying that i was removed from the Fire Department by Kent Crider. The language used in this posts is indicative of someone on the inside. We had a good Fire Department with good medical personnel. The department was open to the public every day. It hasn't been since we left. I, like Mr. Griffith, are concerned about the public safety of this City. If you read my Platform that he posted on this blog, we both have the same idea. I wish him the best of luck in the election. But the fact is, no matter who wins the election, they still have the Board of Aldermen to deal with and they are the ones who have made all the decisions, not the Mayor. Thank you for your time.

    2. Mr. Walters is so double minded that it's ashamed. He wants respect as an internet certified minister but then accuses Minister Johnny Grant of stealing but ends it with I don't have a problem with Mr. Grant and he think that makes it okay. Jerry Walters claim he's for the police department but in this long statement he's accusing them of a cover up. Jerry says he didn't gave the money for signs then turn around and says he didn't want to litter the town with signs. Which story you want us to believe. Jerry says he's going door to door because people don't use social media but he's on social media all the time. Jerry Walters is a liar, a thief and he's petty. He know he was a poor fire chief that didn't want any black firefighters and that's why he was buddies with Kent because they had the same objective. Jerry attacks anyone that does not agree with him but he throws his rocks and hide his hands. At least Jonathan is honest about how he feels. Jerry is very double minded and that mean he's unstable in all his ways. He stole and mismanaged money when he was fire chief, he stole equipment but want to point fingers at Johnny Grant. He was driving the suburban everywhere using city gas but now he says it was training. I guess those trips to Walmart and the Waffle House were business meetings. Stop lying and trying to throw people under the bus. Own up to what you've done Jerry Walters.

  3. I am praying for you. We as Citizens of Lumberton need to know what is going on with the City and the City Hall. I am tried of the same every election.

  4. well said Griff....It's about time Lumberton has a intelligent mayor that wants to see this town move forward. I also think all members on the present board should be replaced and new ones put in. Who ever wins can't move forward with the same old members that has been setting this town back. Time to take out the old and bring in the new for 2016.


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