Jonathan F. Griffith on Constituent Services, Connectivity and Listening to the Citizens

Committed to responding to you within 24 hours. When you need us, we will be there.

This isn’t a new concept, but it should be an expectation. Anyone that has attended a Lumberton board meeting knows that citizen input is not valued and the citizens rarely get an answer to their question. If you have a question or file a complaint, they should be addressed in a timely fashion. I cannot promise that we will be able to sole the issue immediately; but I can promise that we will find an answer and set a plan of action in place.

Far too often our citizens have reported dangerous potholes, sidewalks in disrepair, abandoned homes, unsafe activity, or harassment by city personnel and received delayed or unsatisfactory responses or no response at all. Local government should be expected to respond to these concerns and you can count on the Griffith Administration to provide a prompt response.

Additionally, I will work toward establishing a communication tool that is easily accessible to every citizen of Lumberton in hard copy and electronic versions, recognizing that information is a powerful motivator. Ideally, this form of communication will serve as Lumberton’s newsletter and will provide information and update important to the citizens of Lumberton.

Committed to effective and timely communication.

A series of regular Town Hall meetings will be scheduled throughout the year in an effort to stay better informed by the people of Lumberton. No questions will be altered and answers, whenever possible, will be provided on the spot. If my administration cannot provide an answer that evening, you should expect one the following day. Far too often we elect our representatives based upon the brief campaign season and then sadly we have few opportunities to hold them accountable. If I can’t take rough questions, then I shouldn’t be running for Mayor. This will be the most authentic way I can learn what is happening in our communities and what concerns need my attention. It is incredibly important I establish and maintain this most important aspect of a communication strategy.

Our city deserves more and it’s time we endeavor to take our city to the next level—no longer simply a drive-thru location but a destination city. Public service is to me is not another buzzword, it’s a passion and a call to action. That’s my commitment to Lumberton. Together we can harness the power of our community and the potential of our city and watch progress abound. I am ready to get to work. Will you join me? I need your support and vote on December 15, 2015 to make this happen.


  1. You have my vote on Tuesday. Looking forward to working with you and you working for the City of Lumberton. We can all come together and make that change!!!!!!

  2. John will bring Lumberton respect and accountability. VOTE John for the good of Lumberton!!!

  3. A funeral embalmer makes dead things LOOK nice. They're still dead, but they look interesting. This is not the sort of person we need in charge (any more than he already is) of this town. DONT ENBALM LUMBERTON!!!

  4. You are the only person who is not running against something or somebody, you are running FOR something. You have taken the time to put forth a platform of ideas, as opposed to just sitting there saying "I deserve it". You have my vote.


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