Under Promise and Over Deliver: The Griffith Agenda

One week from today, the residents of Lumberton will go to the polls to elect another mayor. As a lifelong resident of Lumberton, I have had the opportunity to see our city at its best and, unfortunately, at its worst. From the countless board meetings I have attended and the last few years dedicated to keeping citizens informed through my blog, The Lumberton Informer, I’ve seen first-hand the power of our community and the potential of our city. There’s an amazing success story waiting to unfold in the City of Lumberton.

On Tuesday, December 15, 2015, it is my hope that the citizens of Lumberton will step up to the plate and allow me to use my vision to help usher in a new perspective a new era of accountability and transparency. The City of Lumberton is stagnating because of unimaginative and lethargic leaders who serve because it’s their turn. On December 15, 2015, it’s time to take a stand and let the status quo know that it’s not our turn but it’s our time. Help elect Jonathan F. Griffith as Mayor of Lumberton.

Too often in today’s political climate those running for office and seeking election deliver speeches filled with promises but it’s time for Lumberton to have a candidate with a clear path as to how they will deliver upon those promises. We cannot settle for a leader that fails to follow through and then claims he needs more time or another position to deliver.

Lumberton is where I grew up and where I attended public school. Lumberton is where I lived my life and where I developed my zeal for community-based public service. I know what Lumberton is, I know what Lumberton has been and I know what Lumberton can still become. I am running for Mayor of Lumberton because I believe I have a lifetime of experience that counts; experience I will put to work for you. For this reason, I want to take this opportunity to outline my commitment to the citizens of Lumberton. Over the next few days, I will outline the plan I want to implement to help move the City of Lumberton forward.


  1. I'm glad to see one candidate, Mr. Griffith, is taking this campaign seriously and actually had professional signs made. Lumberton needs professionalism and Lumberton needs you Jonathan Griffith. Thank you for running.

  2. Where can we get a sign?

  3. I see Paul Ockmond is supporting Kent Crider. He looked like his little puppy on the back of the truck. It looks like they're still trying to advance the Winston Way. Now I know why Ben is campaigning so hard for Kent Crider.

  4. Either Kent Crider is an idiot or Ben and Paul think the citizens are idiots. I heard that Ben is telling the voters in Love Quarters to vote for Kent Crider. Who listens to a quitter. He quit the church and the city?


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