No More Secrets: Time to Move Lumberton Forward

Here we are on the eve of the run-off election and there’s still so many people that are not willing to accept the issues that’s plaguing the City of Lumberton. The picture attached to this post is a clear example of what’s wrong with Lumberton. There are too many self-serving agendas. Over the past 6 years, Kent Crider voted to hire Merlene Wall, cut the police department, get rid of Lumberton’s garbage crew, hire three clerks for one office, cut the hours of the court clerk that collect fines and hire Richard Rose at a meeting that was never recorded in the minutes or posted for public attendance. In the Hattiesburg American, Crider said he was the only candidate experienced with city finances and day-to-day operations but listed above, his experience has not benefited the citizens of Lumberton. Also, the week after the special election, Crider was attempting to claim victory using an opinion while I presented the law that stated a run-off election was required. The previous election was tainted but hopefully, this election will be above board. Ooops! There I go spewing the TRUTH again. Everybody knows that the truth is treason in the kingdom of lies.

There are so many that want to blame Jonathan F. Griffith and the Lumberton Informer for the condition of the City of Lumberton but during my years of blogging, I never had a vote in the decisions that led this city to hire a city clerk that disrespect the citizens of Lumberton, I didn’t vote to hire a city clerk that can’t create a budget, I didn’t vote to cut the police department to one officer per shift, I didn’t vote to pay the bills on the claims docket for the past 2 years while never questioning why we defaulted on the MDEQ loan but Kent Crider did. I didn’t create the events taking place in Lumberton; I reported them. In an effort to hold those elected to represent this city accountable, I started recording the meetings so people could see that my writings were not works of fiction. But wait, this is Lumberton. People will blame the messenger if they don’t like the message.

I’m not certain why people like to blame me for the condition of Lumberton because I did not create the condition but I have fought with the current clerk, board members and former mayor in an effort to get answers. For the past 2 years, they said we are broke but they approved thousands of dollars in training, software programs (now they’re considering changing to another program because BBI is too difficult for the city clerk and going to a new system will require more training and more money), and the installation of a security system but refuse to invest in employing a full time court clerk so the police department will have the funds needed to hire more officers and get at least one new patrol car, fix the problems regarding our water bills and addressing the lack professionalism when we go to city hall. It is my belief that there’s something going on at city hall that the current city clerk and members of the board do not want the citizens of Lumberton to know and that’s why they’re doing everything in their power to elect Crider because they know he will protect their secrets and I will expose them.

I don’t know where you’re getting your information regarding Jonathan Griffith but let me set the record straight. Lumberton was not pushed over the fiscal cliff because of a blog. Lumberton is in this condition because of the votes of those currently in office. Through this blog, I uncovered the fact that this board hired Richard Rose without an actual meeting. Through this blog, it was proven that our current clerk has no clue about budgeting, customer service and BBI. Through this blog, I revealed that the board members defaulted on a the MDEQ loan and for that reason, the City of Lumberton’s credit rating is so poor that they will not be able to obtain a loan to secure the Army Corp of Engineer grant. Over the years, I have attended meetings, researched the minutes and studied the budget and laws for a code charter municipality but I am accused of being the villain for telling the truth while those that are lying to you and voting to support those lies are blameless.

As stated in Isaiah 5:20,

“Woe to those that call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.”
I am seeking the office of Mayor of Lumberton because I offer a fresh perspective and will ensure accountability and transparency for ALL citizens of Lumberton. The campaign has been stressful. Although I am troubled by some of the things people say but I’m not distressed because I know my intentions are pure and my goal is to help Lumberton reposition itself for growth. Crider had 6 years to implement his plans/vision for this city. There’s nothing he could do in the non-voting position of mayor, other than continue to keep citizens out of the loop, that he couldn’t do as a voting alderman. People do not realize how much you give of yourself when you seek office. Trying to spread my message, while defending my platform has left me perplexed but not in despair. Cause I’m a vessel full of power with a treasure none can compare. I ask for your vote on Tuesday, December 29, 2015 and help me better serve the City of Lumberton as the next Mayor. Together, we can Move Lumberton Forward.


  1. Kent Crider has been there voting Lumberton into this condition for 6 years and he thinks that's a good thing. He's part of the problem not the sition and they want him
    In office because they need him to keep their secrets. I want Lumberton to Move Forward and that's why I'm voting for Jonathsn Griffith. I know he can't fix all of Lumberton's problems but he will find out what's wrong and let us know what they're covering up.

  2. Praying Lumberton can move forward in a positive way and the mayor along with the board of alderman will be on one accord (for the people of this city)!!

  3. You would not know the truth if you were given it on a silver platter.people are not all like you smile at you to your face while twisting that knife in your back please grow up soon ......

  4. Wouldn't you be able to do more as an Alderman? At least as an Alderman you would be a voting member for every issue. If you don't get mayor you should definitely seek the seat of Alderman.

    1. You're right. The position of alderman has more authority because they have a vote. The mayor can vote only when there's a tie and that's why I question the decision of an alderman to leave the seat with a vote to become the mayor. That's why I think they're trying to cover their behinds and want to keep the citizens in the dark. I'm running to provide transparency for the citizens so they can know what's going on and get a board that's willing to work together to Move Lumberton Forward.


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