Den of Vipers: Review of January 10, 2017 Special Call Meeting

When you know what you're dealing with you know how to adjust you plan of action. Last night, the elected vipers of Lumberton held a special called meeting to tie up the ends of a CDBG Grant. However, it was interesting that they included an agenda item to sign a resolution establishing a code of conduct for officers and employees of the City of Lumberton. Just a few days ago, the board set a precedent for employee behavior by refusing to reprimand an city employee after he assaulted a citizen while on duty. Now, they're backpedling and trying to cover their bonds behinds. You mean to tell me that the City of Lumberton does not have a code of conduct in place for it's employees? Is it not in the employee handbook. I'm guessing that's why Merlene Wall has refused to respond to my FOI letter requesting a copy of the City of Lumberton employee handbook. Maybe it's still sitting on her desk. She will either respond to my request or respond to the Mississippi Ethic Commission.

"O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak what is good? For the mouth speaks out of that which fills the heart."

Just as I said, when you understand what you're dealing with, you know how to adjust your approach. The elected and appointed officials of Lumberton have so many secrets and there's people that are willing to expose them. They range from gambling habits to filing false BP claims. On another note, it's going to be interesting to see those prosecuted for those false BP claims. Just because you categorize yourself as a fisher of men did not qualify you as a fisherman that lost money after the oil spill. After the meeting, the board went into executive session. If you attended a board meeting in Lumberton, you know they will spend hours in executive session and will return to the board room and say no actions were taken. It's rumored that the board is trying to get rid of Lindsey Carter, city attorney. Apparently, he's telling them that they've screwed up and just like a group of trash pail babies, they don't want to be told when they're wrong. It's also rumored that they're trying to get an attorney that quit the position before because she actually tried to research the many issues that plague the City of Lumberton. Since I'm not certain of what took place during executive session, I will have to update you later. It's also rumored that the attorney they're planning to hire is black. Is this their effort to appear less than racist? In case the board didn't know, there's a lot of citizens that have come to the realization that we can't depend on black because the two of the tokens at the table have no value.


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