Welcome to Lumberton: Embarrassed Yet???

In case you didn't get the opportunity to attend last night's board meeting, here's a brief recap. The board spent about 2 hours in executive session discussing the police and public works department. When they returned to the meeting, Merlene Wall announced that "no actions were taken" but Alderman Quincy Rogers corrected her. Rogers made a motion to suspend Public Works Director, Danny Davis, without pay pending the outcome of the assault charge. Alderman Quincy Rogers made it crystal clear that the motion died because no one seconded the motion so they could not vote on the matter. I should be shocked, but looking at the people that are sitting in the seats as OUR representatives; I'm not surprised. Keep in mind that everyone on the board, with the exception of Johnny Buckley, claim to be Christian. Susan Crittertown wormed her way onto the board through the quilting ministry at the Lumberton Methodist Church, Tommy Dukes is a deacon and Cora Rogers is a pastor's wife with a degree in Theology but none of them could channel their Christian principles to do the right thing. Instead, they're holding onto grudges and will continue to govern the same way they live; messily. I guess on a brighter note, Cora Rogers said she could not second the motion because she did not know what was going on and when she's called to testify she will put her hands on the bible and say she didn't know anything. I'm guessing she forgot about the two letters I submitted regarding this matter. She, along with the others, will learn that ignorance of the law is not a defense.

I thought about the board meeting and the failure of the board to take any actions and then I thought about the recording of the department heads and Mayor of Lumberton. This morning I listed to the video again and I noticed something else said by Kent Crider. He said I was cyberstalking Danny Davis. Interesting. Let me explain since I'm referring to a segment of the recording I did not share. Crider was explain to Merlene that I was cyberstalking Danny and that's when he later said that they had [Judge Bill] Anderson in their pockets and "he's waiting on Jonathan." From the part of the video I shared, you clearly hear it stated that I was not allowed to press charges against Danny in Lumberton. So this has me thinking. I wonder if they allowed Danny to press charges against me. Based on Kent's conversation, it seems that they have already concocted a plan to have be charged with cyberstalking of a public official. Here's where it get's interesting. How can I cyberstalk an public official. As we learned from the frivolous case Merlene Wall filed against me, public officials are subject to invective and Danny Davis is a public official. If reporting Danny's failings as a department head is grounds for filing charges against me then everyone on the board can file a case against me. I think one of the grounds for proving a cyberstalking case is contact via email or social media. Well, I don't interact with Davis online but I guess he forgot about the messages he sent me when he gave the report about the lift stations getting clogged with tampons. Yes, I still have those screenshots.

Speaking of screenshots, Davis has shared a number of posts from my blog onto his page. Thankfully, one of his Facebook friends shared them with me. According to Crider, I created Danny's page and I'm somehow sharing the posts to his page but Davis is responding to the posts on his page. So which story are they planning on using or does it not matter when they, as Crider claim, have a judge in their pocket. Here's another interesting bit of information. If Danny Davis is planning of filing cyberstalking charges against me, when were the charges filed. If they were filed before he assaulted me at the Lumberton Public Library then his actions would be considered pre-meditated (I think they're already pre-meditated based on the shares on his Facebook page) and if he filed the charges after he assaulted me then his actions are retaliatory and he's trying to use another charge to divert attention from his assault charge. Like Crider said, I have to go before Anderson in both cases. Again, keep in mind that on a recording, it was stated that I could not file charges against Danny in Lumberton; it's going to be interesting to see if Danny was able to file charges against me in Lumberton and to see if Anderson, their pocket judge, will sign the warrant.

Now these are a few of the posts Danny Davis shared from my blog. I would have shared more but I'm trying to save the city money since Merlene is still printing copies of my blog for a file. So I'm cyberstaling Danny Davis but his page is filled with posts about me. I guess this is where the pocket judge comes in handy; let's not look at the facts let's just administer some Good Ole Boy justice. In case you forgot, the Klan is wearing different robes today. So, I guess they're stacking the deck. They have Judge Anderson on their side. No wonder they're so relaxed.

So let's take a look at the Judge that's supposed to make a decision about the assault I suffered at the hands of a City of Lumberton employee. Keep in mind that the judge presiding over the case is also a City of Lumberton employee and he's also the "friend" they're relying on to sign a cyberstalking warrant against me; allegedly speaking of course. So do you think this judge can make a fair decision that involves a black blogger getting assaulted by a white employee that's on the same payroll?

These are posts from Judge Anderson's page. He's a certified, self-proclaimed red-neck and you know red-necks love coons. No explanation needed. Just in case that wasn't enough to convince you. Let's go back to 2010 when I selected Judge Bill Anderson for the Lumberton Informer's Jackhole of the Month Award. I think it was a combination of his ruling in the case where he found the late Robert Holder guilty and declared Kent Crider innocent in a case he presided over despite the argument that both parties should be found guilty. Interestingly, the County Prosecutor was Brad Touchstone and he's now the Prosecutor for the City of Lumberton. Crider said Touchstone took the position as a favor to him. Hummmm. Another reason why I selected Bill Anderson as Jackhole of the Month was because he was found guilty by the Mississippi Commission on Judicial Performance for violations on several cases. Just in case the link is not working, I will provide you details of MISSISSIPPI COMMISSION ON JUDICIAL PERFORMANCE v. Bill ANDERSON. No. 2009-JP-01880-SCT. Decided: April 22, 2010. The summary of the case states that

"Judge Anderon violated canons 1, 2A, 2B, 3B,[ and several other canons] of Judicial Conduct...as said such judicial conduct constitutes willful misconduct in office and conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice which brings the judicial office into disrepute."
Of course this is the type of judge they would hire for the City of Lumberton; he fits right in their pockets. It's going to be interesting to see if this is the judge they get to sign a warrant when there's another case pending. I will post more about this case and the Judge they're depending on to serve up some Southern Justice. I have more details I would love to share but I will present those details when necessary.


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