Vantage Point

Friday I posted a response to a street racer that felt some type of way about me. In an effort to fit in with the other klukkkers of Lumberton, he shared a post saying I told nothing but lies and that I wasn't to be trusted because I questioned why there was street racing in Lumberton. Of course he forgot to say I made several posts about his accomplishments but that's usually how it goes. The point of the post was to show how people are disingenuous when trying to prove their point. I've had several people making negative comments about me but I also have a ton of inbox messages from them. My attempt to prove a point went awry because people thought I was calling him a racist while missing the point that I said some of the comments on his feed were racist. Of course his bubble came to the rescue citing how many black friends he have, etc. etc. Looking back, I should have just posted his post and the posts featuring him on the blog. I've said many times before that there's a disconnect between reading and comprehension regarding those that don't like the blog but are constantly on the blog. Interesting. I would take a moment to explain the difference between implied and inferred but I don't have any pearls to waste. For the same reason, I won't bother explaining the concept of allegedly. The post wasn't really relevant to things taking place in Lumberton and from this day forth, my clap backs will simply include a screenshot and a caption.

Over the weekend, there was a little friction at Ramey's because some people that just left church were ranting about how felt I should be banned from Facebook. I find it interesting that the vitriol they spew is supposed to be celebrated while my freedoms should be censored. Again. If you don't like the things I post, why are you following the blog? The good ole church folk thought they could speak freely because they felt that woman behind them knew about the white only pie recipe but they failed to realize she was a fan of the black berry cobbler. Apparently, the bible toting bigots got offended and a verbal disagreement ensued. Interestingly, they were able to voice their opposition without resorting to barbaric acts which was shocking since so many within that demographic, think barbarism is the answer; and they call us thugs. Just so we're clear, you shouldn't be consumed by my opinions, since, in your opinion, I write nothing but lies. Again, why are you bothered by lies? I'm guessing that you think if you repeat something enough, it will somehow become true. I know a lot of you hate to admit it but my writings didn't cause Lumberton to be on the cusp of losing it's school, loss of industry, or lack of accountability at city hall.

These things happened because many of you are so fixated on hating the person that's dare to expose the truth. Just over a year ago, you got the white mayor of your dreams. Where's the great progress he promised? If you're going to hate, hate those that lied to you. You may not like my approach, sarcasm or brutal honesty but I've sat at too many board meetings to lack an understanding of how things are supposed to be done in a code charter municipality. I make no apologies for being informed, experienced, intelligent, and posses the ability to comprehend. If I didn't posses those traits, I would be the mirror image of your city clerk who allegedly spent most of her work day in Hattiesburg because she can't grasp the concept of technology. My opinions are based on facts, research and an open mind. I don't know what you're basing yours on but let's be clear, I will continue to share my opinions and you can continue to get upset or simply stay off my blog. The choice is yours.


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