Lumberton Public Library: Jewel of the City

For several weeks, the City of Lumberton has been the subject of fodder because we have elected officials that refuse to serve the community they claim to love. At the beginning of the year, the board refused to take actions against a city employee that committed a crime while on the clock, and just this week, the Mayor of Lumberton threatened that he will ask citizens to boycott the Lumberton Public Library because the Lamar County Library Board is actually composed of individuals that have integrity; it would be great if the same could be said about our board. With all that's wrong with Lumberton, there's usually a glimmer of hope that always shine despite the despair. Just this week, it was reported that students from Lumberton High School raised money to send to a school in Lumberton, North Carolina, after their school was damaged by Hurricane Matthew. In 2005, the students from Lumberton, North Carolina, helped the City of Lumberton after Hurricane Katrina and now the students from Lumberton, Mississippi has returned the favor. Kudos to all the students, parents, and supporters of this fund raising effort. You make us Lumberton Proud.

In other news, after a citizen was attacked at the Lumberton Public Library, the Mayor of Lumberton has decided to attack the Lumberton Library. When will enough be enough for the citizens of Lumberton? The Lumberton Public Library is the "jewel of the City of Lumberton." The library is always abuzz with activities and the staff always go above and beyond to help every patron that walk through their doors. After Lamar County took over the library, they expanded and added a teen room. The library host Story Time for home-schooled children, Summer Reading Programs, Book Club Meetings, Bunco, and a litany of other activities. They're always looking for programs that will enrich the City of Lumberton. It is my hope that the citizens of Lumberton continue to support the library because they have books, movies, access to the internet and printers. There's a slew of people that use the library to complete job applications, homework, research papers, etc. If you want to help fund the reading programs at the Lumberton Public Library, you should consider becoming a Friend of the Library. In addition to helping fund various programs, being a Friend of the Library offers you a longer check out time. The Lumberton Public Library is the epicenter of the City; you can get access to information, events and help with directions and they're always serving the public with a smile. Kudos to the staff of the Lumberton Public Library, the Lamar County Library Board and the Lamar County Board of Supervisors for being the ultimate professionals in their endeavors to provide a safe resource center for everyone that appreciates the tireless dedication required to serve this community with poise and integrity. Thank you for your service!


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