O, Ye Nominal Christians

Since so many of you love to use me as a scapegoat for the failures of our elected and appointed officials, let me share something with you. I'm an avid reader. I've attended so many meetings that I know more about the laws of a code charter municipality than everyone currently on the City of Lumberton's payroll. With that being said, I'm not just whistling Dixie. My blog posts are fact based opinions; they didn't just spring full blown from the forehead of Zeus, or arrive on the scene like Topsy. They stem from years of going through minutes (when they were actually kept properly), attending meetings and researching. Sadly, in the City of Lumberton, people decide they have enough friends, family members or associates that can get them elected and they put their names on the ballot. Most of the people serving on the board never attended a meeting until they were paid to do so. In other words, they didn't get involved in the politics of the City of Lumberton until after they were elected. I've attended enough meeting to realize that most of the elected officials come to the meeting unprepared; they either didn't get their packets in a timely manner or they didn't bother reading the packets before the meeting.

The powers that be think they can silence me because they don't think I have a system of support but I think that changed on January 3, 2017. People saw for themselves the disdain the elected officials have towards me and other citizens that look like me. Sadly, there's elected officials that look like us but don't share our concerns. When you're sitting in a meeting and a citizen is trying to get an update on the fact that cows have desecrated her father's grave and the Mayor of Lumberton laughs; there's a problem. It seems that the city attorney was supposed to investigate the matter and file papers against the owner of the cows but he didn't have time. They're saying there's an illness in his family. Keep in mind that he didn't have time to follow up on a valid concern from a citizen but he allegedly had time to advise the department heads on how to establish a cyberstalking case against me.

I know you like to blame the Lumberton Informer for the failing school and failing city but once again, tell me where I had a part in the City of Lumberton's demise? I never served on the school board or the board of aldermen but somehow I'm to blame. I think I applied for a job at the Lumberton School System but I didn't get hired because I needed emergency certification and I was told they didn't do that at the Lumberton School but later someone was given emergency certification; maybe I should have majored in Sports Administration instead of English and Spanish. I also applied for a job at Lumberton's City Hall and Merlene said it court that I was blogging about her because I was jealous that she got the position and I didn't. But you're not blaming the idiots that hired an idiot that can't use BBI but she's a beast on that copier machine. The Lumberton Informer turned away a business that wanted to lease the Cooper Building because he wouldn't lease land that you owned. Nope that was not me. The Lumberton Informer raised the water rates and is responsible for your water meters not getting read. Not me again. Wait, here's one. The Lumberton Informer slashed the police department and gave a police seized vehicle to the Public Works Department. Wrong again. The Lumberton Informer tried to sell the Lumberton Hospital for $500. Wrong again. No matter how you spin it, you can't truthfully blame me for any of the problems this city face. You can credit me for exposing the high levels of incompetence and corruption.

Was I disappointed in the board's failure to take a vote to suspend Danny Davis until the court hearing? Yes I was disappointed but I was not surprised. Here's a board of so-called Christians and they can't get past their butt hurt to do the right thing. One of my favorite books is " The Life of Olaudah Equiano" and he says in one passage, "O, ye nominal Christians; learn ye this from your god." These people sit in church every week but they're operating in a spirit of unforgiveness. Susan Critter was trying to round up every black woman she could think of to join her at the Methodist Church for the quilting ministry but since she's now all single white female crazy over Merlene, she wouldn't dare do the right thing and take a vote on suspending Davis. Then we have Tommy Dukes and Cora Rogers; these are people we respected when we were growing up and they couldn't channel enough Christian compassion to offer a second to the motion made by Quincy Rogers to suspend Danny Davis until the court hearing. Please keep in mind that I didn't think they owed me their support because they're black but I expected them to conduct their business as business-minded people. In essence, they're the Board of Directors for the City of Lumberton and it's decisions like this that has caused the business of Lumberton to falter. If "loving thy neighbor" means you only support those that didn't hurt your feelings, just know you should have been left in 2016 with all the other "in name only" hypocritical Christians who calls him/herself such but doesn't actually try to practice the truest tenets or guidelines or requirements of such.


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