On Guard: Kent's Krazy Kiniption Fitz Against Lamar County

The video of the meeting with the Lamar County Library Board is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the dysfunctionality of Lumberton's elected and appointed officials. Before Crider's misguided rant at the meeting, he was giving more misinformation in an interview with the Lamar Times. For some reason, Crider is seemingly at a loggerhead with Lamar County officials; except for his pocket judge Bill Anderson. In last week's edition of the Lamar Times it was noted that the Lamar County Board of Supervisors want to use the National Guard Armory as a community center and possible fire station but Crider is set on selling the building instead of turning it over the Lamar County. When asked about giving the building to Lamar County, Crider responded

"We would be crazy to give it to them."
Normally, I would agree but Lamar County has proven that they're good stewards over the facilities that were turned over to them by the City of Lumberton. The Lumberton Public Library is well maintained and has expanded under the supervision of Lamar County. For years, people complained about the tattered sign at Wood-Hinton Park but after it was turned over to Lamar County, the signage was replaced and the park is also maintained better than the properties under the control of the City of Lumberton. When it comes to maintaining properties, Lamar County has surpassed the City of Lumberton by leaps and bounds. To say it would be crazy to give Lamar County control of another property is crazy.

Lamar County has plans to

"...use the facility to better the community."
That's more than we can say about our current administration. Lumberton is so lax on keeping their facilities properly maintained, they jeopardized the health and well-being of the citizens and employees when they allegedly had a black mold infestation at city hall. In addition to not wanting to transfer possession of the building to Lamar County, Crider also tried to downplay the assistance the City of Lumberton receives from Lamar County. The Public Works Department is satisfied with borrowing items from the North Lumberton Water Association but if it was not for Lamar County, Lumberton would be in worse shape than it's current condition. For some reason, Crider is hell bent on selling a building that was given to the City of Lumberton. Now he want to make a profit or he's possibly in line for a kickback. Keep in mind that Crider is the same person that tried to sell the Lumberton Hospital for $500 but his plans folded because Jay McGraw didn't show up because he was arrested for shoplifting at the Shell Station. If Jay wasn't a lover of shiny things, Crider would have given the hospital and all of it's land away for $500. So, when Crider is this adamant about selling a building instead of turning it over to Lamar County, I can't help but wonder what's in the deal for him?

I have a few theories about Crider's refusal to turn over the building to Lamar County. One reason Crider is trying to sell the building is because his business is housed in a building that's linked to the person(s) that swindled the City of Lumberton out of the Movie Star building. If Crider can barter this sale, it could result in some additional padding in his pocket or some other favors. Another theory is to go after his competition. We all know that Crider was allegedly fired from White Funeral Home and the National Guard Armory is located next to White Funeral Home. Early in their terms, the board banned the planning and zoning committee and later appointed Paul Ockmond as the Building and Code Inspector. Theoretically, Crider may know that the business planning to purchase the building will become an eyesore and the blight could possibly affect his competition. It's just a theory. I don't know what's behind this stance against Lamar County but I doubt it's for the benefit of Lumberton because if they wanted the property to be used for purposes that would be beneficial to Lumberton, they would turn it over to Lamar County.

I know I mentioned Crider a lot during this post but since he's been the most vocal in this matter I focused on his antics. However, we all know he's just the HCIC (Head Clown in Charge); the rest of his cronies are backing his decisions all the way; despite the possible detriment that may result for not representing the best interest of their city. We're literally months away from another election and this board is showing the residents of Lumberton that they don't matter. I wonder how long will it take for the citizens of Lumberton to wake up and demand better. Lamar County want to take a gift that was given to Lumberton and turn it into another jewel of the community but the current administration want to play follow the leader and allow the City of Lumberton to get shafted again. I see another Movie Star deal in the works. Someone will make money from this deal but it will not be the City of Lumberton.


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