What's Done in the Dark....

It's strange when you wake up to a bunch of inbox messages encouraging you NOT to attend the board meeting because they've heard that Danny Davis is rounding up his klan to come to the meeting and there's talk that "I'm due another ass whooping." Wait...that can't be the message conveyed by the same people that filled churches on the first day of January celebrating and thanking the Lord for another year? Of course it is. This is the little town that love to hate; they hate growth, they hate progress and they apparently hate the truth. I keep hearing these stories about how I love drama and I don't do anything but lie. If everything I post are lies then why are you so bothered? You're bothered because the TRUTH hurts.

I was sitting here wondering how I was going to adjust my work schedule not knowing there's a lynch mob that's planning to gather at city hall. I guess they're planning to do a Mack Charles Parker on me. But wait, they would need the help of the police department to pull that one off. Well, after getting my hands on a bit of juicy information, that's not a stretch of the imagination. When my coat tail was pulled, I had an Etta Mae from the Women of Brewster Place moment. "I've always known what they say about me behind my back, but I never thought you were right in there with them." It shook me but it didn't shock me. Now I know that EVERY department head in the City of Lumberton despise me. The other two were very vocal of their disdain but the third one more slick with her hate. After hearing what I heard, I started scratching my head trying to figure out when did I say you lied on your brother but then I decided to let it go because I forgot that I was responsible for the content of the blog and I also posted every comment. What I also heard, convinced me that at least two employees were terminated as a result of retaliation. I think I would call the EEOC.

While sitting on this stick of dynamite, I wondered what to do. I tried calling WDAM and offering them an exclusive interview since they love to report corruption in city government but then I realized that most of the corruption in Lumberton involves those with a complexion for the connection. Besides, I'm my own media. Let me give you an overview of some of the things said. I'm not going to post their names. I'll let you connect the dots later. Right about now, I know Merlene is in a frenzy since she come to the office early to print copies of my blog. By the way, was printing copies of my blog added to the budget? I was going to say she might wet her Depends but someone said that a good lawyer should be able to tweak that statement and create a charge. Interesting.

I'm not going to hold you in suspense much longer but here's a few things that were said about me. "I'm tired of Jonathan and his shit." "You know that man does nothing but lie." "That nigger has messed with me for the last time." (Oh, so your actions were pre-meditated.) "He can't press charges against Danny here; he has to go to Purvis." (I couldn't press charges so I submitted a letter for the board to handle the matter but instead of addressing the threats, they met with Lindsey Carter to find a way to charge me with cyberstalking.) "Jonathan created a page under Danny's name and is sharing posts on Danny's page pretending it's him." "We're not worried about anything, we got Judge Anderson; he's waiting on Jonathan."

Now notice that I didn't say allegedly with anything I just posted in the above paragraph. I wonder why. Now, I want one of Lumberton's three department heads to call my bluff and say I'm lying. The blog is open and you can comment with your whole name; you claim you did it before (although I'm still looking for the comment). You know what, when I go on my lunch break, I will go live and give you more details. Since I found out that Merlene Wall calls Danny Davis to City Hall to show him my video posts, I guess you all can have a viewing party. After all of these years, I finally have something that will prove everything I said is true. No more allegedly this or that. So while you're choosing sides because you hate me while claiming to love your city. Well, you city is on the verge of collapse because you wanted to uphold a law breakkker.


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