The City of Lumberton vs. The Lumberton Informer

One month ago, I was assaulted by a City of Lumberton employee that was on duty and one week ago I was assaulted again by more City of Lumberton employees. I'm still trying to get over the shock that no one other than my alderman, Quincy Rogers, had the integrity to call for the suspension of Daniel "Danny" Davis. Thankfully, others were in attendance to see the miscarriage of their duties take (that's one reason why I didn't blog a review of the meeting). Moments before Kent Crider laughed at a citizen when she was asking for an explanation about the desecration of her father's grave, he yelped like a kid that had his candy taken from him at recess, when he said "you didn't do anything when he was saying all those things about us in his blog!" Bingo. In that moment, it was clear that these elderly people had the mindset of an elementary student. Crider's cry explained their votes without them saying another word. The Old Lady Gang was holding a grudge because they don't like me holding them accountable. They can't hold on to a viable industry but they can hold a grudge better than their denture cream. Who would have thought that elected and appointed officials would be so grumpy?1? They're behaving like a baby that need its diaper changed. Instead of handing this like adults, they're acting like they're suffering from early on-set Alzheimer's. For years, people thought that we needed older individuals serving on the board. The events that took place last Tuesday is proof that getting older does not mean you're getting wiser.

To make matters worse, the board members didn't want anyone to question their actions. As a matter of fact, after the meeting, Cora Rogers allegedly cussed out a citizen for daring to question her complicity. I wished I would have stayed longer but I'm sure the snakes would have kept their fangs hidden out of fear of exposure. Tommy "Sweet T" Dukes could care less because he's not planning on seeking re-election. It's interesting that he's charged with closing out Sunday school with prayer but I can't help but wonder what spirit he's ushering in??? During this ordeal, I knew/know that Cora and Tommy were not the brightest bulbs in the bunch but I thought they would at least muster up a sliver of integrity when it came to dealing with a city employee assaulting a citizen at the local library but I guess not.

In other news, I discovered that a teacher was suspended for breaking up a fight while a city employee is still riding around in a city owned truck after assaulting someone. I try not to see things in color because I know there's a lot people from both sides of the color line that are supportive of me and my efforts to bring truth and transparency to the City of Lumberton. There's a pocket of people that are parading around like peacocks, proud that they think someone got away with committing a crime while on duty. I've seen some of the comments made and if I fixated on what other's say, I would probably thing I was in this battle alone. You can say many things about me but one thing you can never say is I'm fake. I have people that were in my DM in August but by December they were touting how proud they were that Danny assaulted me and hoped I wouldn't be able to blog for months. What happened in such a short period of time that took them from smiles to showing their teeth? One may never know and to be honest, it really doesn't matter. One thing for certain, people will always show their true colors.

The City of Lumberton is falling apart. In almost every community, there's barricade where there's a leak that has destroyed a section of the street. While certain residents and elected officials are rallying behind their hero, the streets and water system he's supposed to maintain is rapidly deteriorating. Priorities. Lumberton's school is closing, there's no industry here, there's no recreational center for the children or the senior citizens, there's no storm shelter (and the board is trying to sell the National Guard instead of utilizing the space for the fire department or a senior citizen center or storm shelter) and as soon as election approaches, Crider will call in a favor for Haskel Burns to get another fluff piece promising that Lumberton will become an oasis of opportunity that will come to fruition right after the election (keep dangling that carrot for the donkeys that follow you. I'm still amazed that the board eagerly terminated Melissa Nightengale because she was allegedly no longer liked by Merlene Wall; Guy Serrin was either terminated or forced to resign because he was thought to be the mole at city hall and the same board rewarded Daniel "Danny" Davis by not suspending him because they don't like the fact that I hold them accountable for their lack of leadership skills. Their recent actions or should I say inaction proved that everything I posted about them was true. The fact that I can upset every department head because of my political posts is a good indication that I'm on the right trail.

The mayor is boasting that he has Judge Anderson in his pocket and he might be right because Anderson has yet to sign the complaint I filed against the Public Works employees. I'm not going to mention the Chief of Police because I don't want anyone to "come get my ass." The city clerk is using a boat loads of paper printing out copies of my blog while calling the public works director to her office to watch my blog videos. Imagine if they spent the time and resources they use to trying to shut me down would be used to bring businesses to the City of Lumberton, we might have a tax base and could buy more than one police car every six years. Instead, they spend countless hours trying to shut me down while the city continues to get neglected. Earlier I said I was shocked that they refused to take action against Davis but for the past four years, they have sat on their hands and watch the City of Lumberton continue to deteriorate. I guess looking the other way is just business as usual for them .


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